HD DVD Vs. Blu-ray: Living in Fear of a Niche Format

Consumers have to deal with the High Definition format war between Blu-ray and HD DVD, each video disc format vying to establish itself as the next-generation successor to DVD. The fastest-growing, most popular consumer electronic product in history has been a tough act to follow, and the competition between these two adversaries has generated an enormous amount of corporate hype, controversy, and bitter infighting, all of which has spread right to the consumer sector. Not only do people have executives from multi-national electronics corporations and major Hollywood movie studios sniping at each other in tersely-worded press releases, now even the public has gotten involved, picking sides like fans of rival sports teams -- cheering on their favorite, organizing web campaigns to proselytize its benefits, and attacking anyone with an opposing viewpoint.

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eagle213999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

I challenge fence buyers to go purchase a 40GB, with titles such as Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Unreal Tournament 3, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, AC, COD4, Ratchet & Clank: Future Tools of Destruction, Ratatouille, Pirate's, Superbad, to name a few favorites and see why Blu-Ray owners are so passionate. You will be impressed "ladies and gentlemen" and happy.

Danja3999d ago

only thing I gotta say is

RED IS DEAD : I DO BLU.....DVD's won't cut it ne more sooner or later I mean HD-DVD have alrady been maxed out...n

drewdrakes3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

Way to list games that arent out. And its weird to see only blu-ray fanboys here. This is getting to be like Apple fanboys. They go and trash talk windows, but the windows users could care less. Its not like trash talking is going to make what you support more adopted.

Reply to below: You really dont want me to list all of the 360 games i have and am going to buy, youre just going to disagree anyways so why bother. Also i really only like Transformers, Hot Fuzz, and 300 on HD DVD. I dont feel its worth it to buy anything else. I look at the blu-ray list and find nothing more on that either. And you can list all the PS3 games you want, it wont change the fact that i dont want any of them, thats why i bought a 360. Maybe in the future theyll have something i want, but not right now. By the way, Mark Rein didnt confirm my comments, because i dont need him to in order for me to know im right.

(P.S. im right because this is basically all opinion, so there is no right and wrong, you have your opinions and i have mine)

eagle213999d ago

And we are waiting on your list of Hd-dvd games and movies. You know Drake and Unreal are solid (demos and mark rein confirmed this fact).

speakthetruth3999d ago

I can rap off a list of 360 games, that I think are cool as well. I would buy a $98 HD-DVD 1080i player over a $399 Blu-Ray, any day. Both sides have exclusives, buy some people are not fooled by the higher price, better technology argument. Transformers is on Blu-Ray in the UK, I understand. Import it and a Blu-ray player from that region. Or just say, f*k it, buy a $98 HD-DVD player and Transformers, and get your 5 free movies. A hell of a lot cheaper than the alternative.

Think about that, out.

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Covenant3999d ago

"cheering on their favorite, organizing web campaigns to proselytize its benefits, and attacking anyone with an opposing viewpoint."

In other words, they're fanboys.

gamesblow3999d ago


ruibing3999d ago

I'll cheer as well. Even with HD-DVD's big price slash and accompanying sales from retailers, Blu Ray still beat HD-DVD by 7:3, more than 2:1. And with the release of Pixar films, I believe we will only see this trend continue.

gamesblow3999d ago

I love how people are disagreeing with my cheer... hahaha, shows how absurd you really are in life. Shame.

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