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zeksta4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

Well.. They've just gone into overdrive milking, now you get 4 maps you already had, and one map that's new! Nicely played Treyarch... Nicely played.

On the plus side, you can now get the COD WAW Zombie maps, which should have been included free in my opinion to every Call of Duty: Black Ops game owner, if they had World at War.

TheDivine4074d ago

Its not milking its a great thing for people like me who love the zombie maps but wont buy a map pack just to get the one map i want. This is giving fans what they want. Day one for me!

Army_of_Darkness4074d ago

My copy of black ops is still sealed in wrap for Almost 2 months now! Why? Cause I still have to play and finish cod4. Anyways, I will get my zombie fix off zombie apocalypse.

HaloSpartan4074d ago

you don't have 4 waw maps already in black ops. Many people like having classic maps in their later games.

ainsz4073d ago

Yeah but not for the full price. I just can't over the fact I'd have to pay for all the WAW zombie maps again at a higher price if I had Black Ops. It's just a massive middle finger to alot of their fans.

I'll stick with good old WAW zombies thanks.

beastgamer4074d ago

well lets see
Black Ops 60 dollars
First Strike Map Pack 15
Escalation Map Pack 15
Annihilation Map Pack 15
Rezurrection Map Pack 15

If you get all 4 map packs you get copy and paste again.
Congratulations, and with nov coming soon, you will pay another.
Give yourself a pat on the back : )

AngelicIceDiamond4074d ago

I haven't spent a dime on Activision, I don't ever plan to. especially on black ops maybe I'll buy the maps if the game wasn't broken at every angle.

SixShotCop4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

Don't blame the game. It's obviously not perfect but it's hardly broken at every angle. In this situation i believe the player (you) is broken or has a lack of skillz. Go give your money to EA instead. They're a much better publisher.

I must say that there is no way in hell i am paying 1200 ms points for a 4th map pack. It looks cool but id rather spend my money elsewhere. This is now what i would call pure milking.

paintsville4074d ago

Man this game rocks and we on xbox live ALWAYS get the dlc first baby!!

Iroquois_Pliskin4074d ago

he means the ps3 version is broken.... meh anyway ill stick with bf3

Pixel_Pusher4074d ago


keep your old and tired COD, PS3 gets first dibs on BF3, sucka!

AngelicIceDiamond4073d ago

I agree with your 2nd paragraph. Ok maybe not broken but its not built right, sub par development, with the guns and hit markers and the dreadful spawns. you cant tell me a Ak 7 4u can shoot super accurately from half way across the map killing a sniper, gettin a a perfect headshot and the game doesn't register , getting spawn killed everytime time inaccurate hitmarkers so no its definitely not me its the game.

Btw I tend to use accurate weapons like the M16 and FAL I like to actually shoot accurately and precisely and its a learning curve . Instead of runnin around blind firing relentlessly hoping to kill someone (Which they succeed in considering thats what the games built upon.)

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bigtrucknd4074d ago

Enough with the dlc. The dlc packs combined cost more than the actual game.

iHEARTboobs4074d ago

Luckily we all have the choice NOT to buy right?

Hazmat134074d ago

game share all maps are free for me woo!!

TronEOL4074d ago

Exactly what my friends and I did with MW2. It ended up costing us about $3.50-$3.75 each.

Although I sold Black Ops about a month or two after it released. And the only reason I kept it that long was because I was trying for the two Zombie mode trophies to get the Platinum trophy (which I failed at doing).

neverok4074d ago

thats the way to do it. who cares if xbox gets the map packs first, ps3 players can get all 4 map packs for only $15

electricshadow4074d ago

Odds are, most of the people complaining about this DLC are people that aren't even going to buy it. Is it overpriced? Sure. But, if the only game you play is Black Ops and you absolutely love Zombies, you're probably going to love this. Don't like, don't buy it. Simple.

zeksta4074d ago

Hey, it's completely your choice to buy DLC for a game, the people that are "Complaining" are just stating plain facts in sight, frankly if you don't see that, you need glasses.

electricshadow4074d ago

Oh, I totally agree with you. I realize that people are just stating plain facts, it's just that as soon as people see a CoD Map Pack article on here, they just feel the need to complain. I'm not a huge fan of Black Ops, but I also don't hate it.

These map packs aren't going away anytime soon as long as people keep buying them. And the last time I checked, millions of people were. Everyone know's they're overpriced, but people need to get over it. It's Activision. Is anyone even remotely surprised anymore?

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