This is not a photo

Believe it or not, this is actually not a photo. But what is it? It actually is GTA 4, brought to new visual heights with the help of PC mods. Checkt out these screenshots which are as close to photo-realism as it gets.

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NukaCola2627d ago

That is pretty impressive.

ger1012626d ago

Jesus Christ, the motion blur on that vid is terrible!

cozmo1952626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

shadows(or reflections not sure what it is) on the water at the start really annoy me for some reason

Micro_Sony2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

This is what GTA 4 should have been if it was not for Dinosaur tech holding back the gaming industry.

fatstarr2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

give it a couple years, quad sli gtx 680's or 780's graphics are gonna look so sick.

Micro_Sony2626d ago

Why the disagree? The 360 and PS3 have 5 years old technology in them and lack of memory is holding back many games.

Uncharted is great but can you imagine if it had free to roam environment to compliment those amazing graphics.

Gears is great but can you imagine if it had 100% distributable environment and costume multi-player maps.

Can you imagine if both games supported community mods.

stu8882626d ago

micro: you could say that about any game you idiot.

3 years from now imagine what crysis could look like. Imagine what oblivion could have looked like utilising modern tech. imagine what half life 2 would be like with destructible environments.

GTA 4 came out over 3 years ago and at the time had good graphics for an open world game.

sorry, but i disagree massively with what your saying. games will continuously get more impressive as time goes on.

DaTruth2626d ago

Actually, this is what GTA4 looks like running on future tech. Because the damn game was made in 2008 and this is 2011 PC's running it!

MGS3 looks better running on PS3/360 than it did running on PS2. Such is the nature of technology!

Substance1012626d ago


Except you have to rebuy MGS 3 on PS3 to make it look better. Anyone who bought GTA 4 in 2008 doesnt have to rebuy it in 2011 to make it look better, they just need to apply the mod.

While in afew years time you may get more mods to make GTA4 look even better, MGS3 remake will be stagnant.

You dont even know if the PS4 will have the BC to play MGS3 or any of the HD remakes you buy today.

Vaud-Villian2626d ago

Does it play better? My gripe with GTA 4 wasn't graphics....

DaTruth2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

That really wasn't the point! When the game was made, it was made for 2 year old tech(hardly dinosaur) and wasn't pushing any graphical boundries then; many openworld games made on consoles since look better than GTA4 and it's the same consoles!

I don't know that 2006-2008 PC's would run this game like this mod, especially the average PC!

Edit: Actually, never mind. I just read some of your other comments and they are just off topic PC elitism for the sake of it!

"Problem was most people tried to play it at max settings and then complained their rigs couldnt handle it. There were certain settings in the game which were overkill like taking the drawdistance above 22, it was unnecessary but killed performance. People would try to max such stuff out then complain."

This is not even the first time you've posted this comment!

Majors2626d ago

Nice looking gfx but IMO totally unplayable.
It looks great until you look around, it'll make you sick and dizzy within 5 minutes with all the motion blur going on.

Ranshak2626d ago


Lol refer to your own comments they look very ps3 biased to me.

True a 2008 pc wont be playing gta 4 with mods. same goes for the ps2 it wont be playing ps3 version of mgs3 either.

However i can tell u a 2015 pc probably will be playing the same copy of gta4 with even better mods, but we sure as hell dont know if ps4 will be playing ps3 version of mgs3 even if it will there wont be any mod making it look better.

Ju2626d ago

Point is, nobody with a PC _today_ is buying 3 year old games.

All you can do is saying it _would_ have looked like this with todays tech 3 years ago. Nobody is playing Crysis1 today, either. So, what's the point? Nice you can pimp an old game for the special ones who can. Good job. Enjoy!

llMurcielagoll2626d ago

4 people missed your sarcasm haha

Ranshak2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )


Sorry dude you couldnt be more wrong. Why do you think People are buying old games on the PS3? because they would like to relive the old expereinces.

Same holds true for the PC. I recently purchased Doom 3, Vampire the masquerade, Tombraider legend, GTA sandandreas.

I also replayed my old copy of Dungeon keeper 2 few months back, i replayed Max payne 2 few months back.

I am currently thinking about buying a digital copy of Giants citizen kuboto. Sorry but its not only PS3 gamers buying old games, PC gamers do buy old games as well, and if those same old games can run with mods why not?

Hell i currently play games like Warcraft 3(its still my RTS of choice even though its 10 years old now), same goes for games like CS.

BattleAxe2626d ago

GTA4 was an impressive game on its own, but it would be interesting to see comparison screen shots to have a better point of reference.

thesummerofgeorge2626d ago

"This is not a photo" .... Best headline ever.

DrRichtofen2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

^ "This is not a photo".................O_ o How is it not a photo? I'm looking right at it.

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the_best_player2626d ago

Too bad gameplay still sucks, I choose the old PS2 GTA's over this mod.

Substance1012626d ago

PS2's GTA also is available on PC and currently runs in 1080p with mods simular to this.

Hence its the PC version again which is superior. If you were to run PS2 version even on PS3 it will still run in SUB HD below 480p or so. PC version on the other hand can be run at whatever res you like with what ever mods you prefer.

dragon822626d ago

What the hell does running in 1080p on PC have to do with gameplay??

karl2625d ago

to bad gameplay sucks?

graphics suck aswell.. i dont get why people think this looks real

i doesnt look real at all... its just pure texture work... u can clearly see that it doesnt look real on many places.. obviously when get a building with a picture of areal one glued on it it will look quite real..

reynod2625d ago


So why do PS3 fans get all excited for HD remakes running in 720p on PS3? that doesnt have to do anything with game play either.

Funny when another platform does stuff for free, which console gamers have to pay huge amounts of money for all of a sudden it gets flamed.

Sorry but i just think you are jealous of PCs superior backward compatibility and the ability to run mods.

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Gray-Fox-Type02626d ago

it is astonishing but PC fanboys get it through your thick head GTA4 came out like 3 years that time it was great and just because mods have made it look mind blowning dont say crap like this is how GTA4 suppose to be...

Substance1012626d ago

It wasnt even HD on the consoles. If consoles had the Juice it surely would have atleast come in HD. Infact the PS3 version looks so blurry and the draw distance is severly lacking on both console versions.

Gray-Fox-Type02626d ago

yeah but remember the pc port was terrible on PC..its until recently GTA 4 looks stunning with mods.

Substance1012626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )


PC port of GTA 4 had some bugs initially, what games released these days doesnt(even on console)?

Problem was most people tried to play it at max settings and then complained their rigs couldnt handle it. There were certain settings in the game which were overkill like taking the drawdistance above 22, it was unnecessary but killed performance. People would try to max such stuff out then complain.

However most of the problems with bugs were gone after the first month of release. Overall the PC version of GTA 4 even in stock at medium settings blew the console version out of the water.

Gray-Fox-Type02626d ago

however this does set a HIGH benchmark for GTA5 haha If only i could play it looking like that...but unfortunately i dont have a rig that can do that lol just a casual laptop user, and no i wont build a pc gaming beast just to run it one game like that :D

ATi_Elite2626d ago


you took the time to look at the photos and drool over them but then got mad and posted anyway!

Actually GTAIV PC look great after the first patch thanks to the PC having real power. Texure mods took GTAIV to great new level along with real cars soon after it's release on the PC.

This mod is just getting a lot of fanfare in it's 1.25 version cause it is near perfect but like i said GTAIV PC was doing this level of graphics for a long time.

Substance1012626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )


Its just not GTA4 that you can enjoy with mods. Also there are countless other games which are PC exclusive.

While consoles have exclusives too, i have to point out most of them are rehashes.

Check this PC exclusive out, then tell me if there is anything like this on console:

I personally have a PC with 3 screens, i bought the same thrustmaster replica warthhog flight stick ill be doing some flying simulations soon ;-)

Bolts2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

Aaawww, some console fanboy have a case of eye candy envy. That's cute. The kicker here is that the awesome visuals were brought to us by a bunch of guys working for free just for the love of the game. Thats right, a community that actually create content instead of bending over the table and download $15 DLC map packs and skins while begging for more overpriced crap.

If this mod were to be released for the nextgen console as GTA 4 HD it would cost $45.

That is the real power of PC gaming not just the graphics alone. When a bunch of PSN users can upload a DLC for Uncharted 1 that looks x3 better than Uncharted 3 thats when I'll stop gaming on the PC.

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subtenko2626d ago

Well it aint a video...ITS A PHOTO! :P lol

Agree or Disagree if you Agree or Disagree

Dovahkiin2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

EDIT: this comment landed too far down the page to be relevant.

manumit2626d ago

haha doesn't that suck when that happens. 5th comment turns into 200th. that edit so made me laugh.

Orpheus2626d ago

@Micro Sony ... when u said dino tech u din refer to nething nd all those disagrees lolz ... the owners of dino tech do know the are owning dino teck .... wish evolution cud be faster so that those dinos could either evolve or get extinct :P ....

dantesparda2626d ago

"This is not a photo" really? cuz i didnt it was

TheXgamerLive2625d ago

Well, actually it looks "Nothing" like a photo nor at any point before I read the article did I ever confuse it with one. now maybe some other pics look better but the face articles picture looks nothing a photo, more like maybe a painting or something non photo realistic.

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jacksheen00002627d ago

Dam! Rockstar Games is getting good. That is some of the best looking realistic environments I ever seen. Impressive!!! Keep up the good work!

NuclearDuke2626d ago

Rockstar Games? This is done by a PC custom MOD.

AzaziL2626d ago

What sucks is more gaming devs are trying to kill the mod community because they want to sell their own crappy DLC. Enjoy it while it lasts I guess, it'll probably be a thing of the past in the next decade.

Saryk2626d ago

Nuklearduke, how can someone disagree, but anyway Azazil is right, enjoy the mods, greed is going to kill them. Man gaming is used to be fun, now its becoming too greedy green!

limewax2626d ago

As much as I expect to see mods decline in the coming years, I really don't think its going to be abolished all around. Bethesda, Valve and Rockstar are all VERY aware that mods help shift copies in the slower selling times, like a year after release

Ducky2626d ago


... but GTA4 never had any official mod support either.
Same goes for MW2.

As long as people want it, someone will hack and mod it.

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MAJ0R2626d ago

the only thing Rockstar can do is make shotty ports to the PC

shadowknight2032626d ago

Everyone always knocks the developers of a "shotty" port, but I hardly ever see Modders actually make a game from scratch. And if they do, its a small indie game anyways. Sure you can reply to this by saying their dev team is too small to take on a project like GTA4, but that's exactly my point. With such a big team dev a game, its hard to create something so easily achieveable to what modders can do since they essentially only rewrite what the devs took long hard hours in writing for. The structure and bugs are already worked out, the game is already fully playable (in most occasions xD)..

RedDead20672626d ago

Nice. Its like they got the textures from Google Street view, and imported them straight into the game.

Quagmire2626d ago

Imagine that, a GTA game implemented into Google Maps. You could go ANYWHERE!

Ducky2626d ago

Heh, reminds me of this.

Entire GTA4 map, WITH street view. :D

STICKzophrenic2626d ago

Holy crap...that's freakin' amazing. I never knew that existed...but that's pure genius.

Spenok2626d ago

Wow. This almost makes me want to buy this game for PC to play it again....almost.

nopunctuation2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

Only a blind man would mistake that for a realistic photo. That looks about as good as Uncharted 1 at best.

Quagmire2626d ago

A blind man? How would they know what was realistic and what isnt? HE CANT SEE!

FragMnTagM2626d ago

Uncharted looks good for sure, but photorealistic, no way. I am sure if Naughty Dog were trying for that art style they may be able to achieve it, but that is just not the style of their graphics. They are more cartoony.

Mcardle2626d ago

You're kidding right, Uncharted looks like a ps2 game compared to this.

RedDead2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

Uncharted looks like a Ps3 game, this mod looks like a 2011 Pc game. nothing more nothing less, good job by the modders.

Wow hang on this is from the ENB thing? Damn that shit gives results

JsonHenry2626d ago

nopunctuation has awesome sarcasm skillz.

DragonKnight2626d ago

Anyone who thinks this looks photorealistic needs to have their eyes examined. Can't you see the absolute lack of "life" in the pictures? They look so stale and artificial. Especially the one with the people and cars in it.

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