IGN's Uncharted Treasure Map - 10 Videos of the First Four Levels

IGN break down the first four levels of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune via vivid videos, impressive images and so-so commentary:

"The wait is almost over. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is coming. Yes, with a little more than a week left until Naughty Dog's latest release, the wave of impressions, media and reviews is beginning to sweep the Internet and drive you to the brink of can't-wait-any-longer madness.

We're here to feed that obsession. We have Uncharted. We've beaten Uncharted. We're ready to tell you all about Uncharted."

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Kleptic3998d ago

looks awesome...

anyone know if the PSN demo is the latest version of the build?...Some videos have grenade explosions being all awesome (similar to the barrels blowing up, with that plume of black smoke and everything)...but then the demo has that really avergae looking vertical thing of dust at times...some do the cool explosion...some don't...although it appears that all the grenades in the demo are the same...

also some of the hit detection the plants appears to be different videos (especially recent videos) show nearly all plants and grass reacting to Drake running through them...the demo only has a certain type of grass that does it...

either way the game still looks incredible...and ended up being a lot of fun so far too...

TheExecutive3998d ago

I was wondering the same thing. I remember reading that Evan Wells said that it was pretty close to the final version. But how close? I am not quite sure.

I noticed the grenade thing too, I hopes its different. Also the hit detection doesnt work except for the very first part of the demo, i hope that changes too.

wh0am13998d ago

Gah...i so want to see the videos but I dont want to see any spoilers!

This is SO not cool!

DethWish3998d ago

Looks very nice though I wish they could put some more music in it

MaximusPrime_3997d ago

im wetting myself for this game.

The demo was awesome!

wangdiddy823997d ago

Read the very last paragraph..

"If you want to know the full scoop on Drake's adventure, you'll need to check out IGN's review next week and pick up the game the week of the nineteenth"

They say you need to pick up the game so there basically saying its a buy.. I was going to buy the game anyway because reviewers are crazy these days.. Anyway they seem really excited about this game and so am i

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