Rail Simulator: Eurogamer Review - Evening Star Vs Rail Simulator

From the review:

'For the past twenty years answering the question "What game would you recommend to someone desperate to drive a steam train on the old Somerset & Dorset railway" has been dead easy. Evening Star by Hewson Consultants. Now, thanks to the arrival of Rail Simulator, confusion reigns. What's urgently needed is one of those old-fashioned head-to-head comparison reviews. You know the sort of thing - categorised analysis, parallel pics, too many scores...'

'By adding-up each game's scores, we can see that Evening Star has fewer marks than Waterloo Station has platforms, and Rail Simulator has more than Clapham Junction. In other words Hewson's sooty relic has had its day - Rail Sim is the new game of choice for those wishing to drive the demanding S&D.'

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