Top Five – Worst Video Game Sidekicks

Ah, the unavoidable sidekicks in video games. Sometimes, they rock (more on that in another article), and sometimes they are skid marks in the collective underwear of gaming history. So here is the list of the five most God awful video game sidekicks of all times! Enjoy…or cringe; either or is an acceptable reaction!

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K923289d ago

Am I the only one who did not find Navi annoying?

Pozzle3289d ago

NGL, I didn't find Navi or Tatl annoying at all. I found them helpful more than anything.

It wasn't until I went on the internet and checked out gaming forums years later that I discovered people didn't actually like her. :O

jc485733289d ago

I find it that this is totally overblown by players new to the series. If Navi was that annoying, we would've shared our discontent long ago. This is just like how some people think FF VII to very overrated. Just because a movie came out for FFVII doesn't really make it overrated; it's called smart marketing to promote games. You play games for what they were not for what they are.

KFox1093287d ago

Navi was always obnoxious, but I only gave her the fifth spot because, as stated, she was actually HELPFUL.