The Orange Box PS3 now pushed back to January 2008

EA has just revealed in its latest European release schedule that Half Life 2: The Orange Box on Playstation 3 has been delayed again. The Xbox 360 and PC versions have been in stores since early October, but the Playstation 3 version would release 'a few weeks after that', according to Valve.

In the latest trailers Valve promised that the PS3 version would be in stores in time for the holidays. Apparently Valve ran in to some more trouble with the Playstation 3 as Orange Box on the Playstation 3 is now scheduled for release on January 17, 2008. A specific reason for this delay was not given.

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cloud360-7th_account4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

Hey check out . its just waiting to get crearted. i maen the domian name. it just takes you to a simple step by step thing.

But it semes that somone alrready bought it so no one can use it. No doubt it was EA

Tommie4048d ago

EA is just publisher. Valve is developer, you think they suck?

macsto4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

Again blaming everything but the PS3 for the delays and shoddy games.

Funny how Shmee the sony fanboy is reporting this story :)

Evil0Angel4048d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

MS you got my money once again.

eLiNeS4048d ago

Why would anyone want one except maybe to watch movies on.

Tryst4047d ago

Tommie - EA are actually developing the game for the PS3. Valve outsourced it to EA so they could concerntrate on the 360 and PC version.

This does not surprise my in the slightest one bit. EA are just pathetic. I mean, how delayed is the Medal of Honour game that they are meant to be bringing out for the PS3. That is going to be a massive flop - no one is even talking about that considering Cod4, Haze and UT3 are coming out.

jackfatal4047d ago

but only them!! they r either stupid or lazy or cheap!

bennyace4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

Everyone keeps saying EA sucks and that there's this big conspiracy against Playstation 3, (like EA wouldn't want to put there hands on all the money they can get!). But when a game like Madden or NBA comes out they're all there to buy it ! You can disagree all you want, Charts don't lie.

@unlimited: I strongly doubt that you held the same kind of, quality over quantity speech when the PS2 was in its prime and had all the games coming out for it and the xbox had to wait for the exclusivity timer to run out. And by the way my 360 is going fine. So keep waiting, I'll keep playing.

unlimited4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

at least the games dont crap out our system..look at the 360 every game you play on it you will get the red lights of death..i pick quality not quanity EA SUCK anyways

CyberSentinel4047d ago


Take Your Time EA, PS3 "Gamers" Don't Matter.

Kaneda4047d ago

Peter Moore Sucks!! He couldn't fix the RROD for 360 and jumped ship to EA...and EA production is getting worst! There must be some kind of connection between 360fanboys and Peter Moore... :)

Infinity Ward is hiring! :)

godofthunder104047d ago

here we go again,it's never the ps3 fault,it's always the developers.almost every game developer said that the ps3 is to tricky to program for because of the way sony built it,the only ones that said it's good are the ones that make games strickly for sony.hell a few of them said sony need to do away with it and start over already.
the funnies thing is that they blame peter moore for every thing now.i'm also tired of hearing about the rrod,hey you don't hardly hear about it any more do you because it's fixed now.
i'm tired of hearing how sony fanboys pick quality not quanity because sony isn't perfect.when they came out with the ps1 and 2 they had a lot of problems,they kept saying can't read disc even if it was a new system with a new game.i had to buy 5 of them in less then a year and a half,hell they sold 100 million + but that don't mean that they sold that many to different people,if they sold a 100 milliom then about 50 million people bought them because on an average a person had to buy at least 2 because every one i know had to buy 2 or more hell i know some one that had to buy 6 of them and you probly had to buy atleast 2 but i know you want admit it, but you and the rest of the sony fanboys don't want to talk about that.
when sony had all that problem with the ps1 and 2 they didn't do a damn thing about it but micro gave every one a 3 year warrinty so you have a warrinty for half the console life for free.the reason that the ps1 and 2 didn't become a big deal was because when they came out they didn't hardly have any one on the internet but when the 360 came out the whole world was on the internet,so when the ps1 and 2 came out people couldn't talk about it and spread the news around but when the 360 came out every one in the world was talking about it and spreading the news,hell i've read some post where they claimed that they had a 360 and it burned up but you could tell that they were lieing because a lot of them just was impossiably,they were just sony fanboys spreading lies,so if the internet was like it is now back when the ps1 and 2 came out then sony would've had the same problem micro had.
i also read a post where a sony fanboy blames micrisoft(sony fanboys come up with some ridiuculious excues)for the ps3 problems again,and he complains that microsoft buy exclusives well i know you are not that dum to belive that microsoft is the only one,hell sony do the same thing,if sony and microsoft don't pay with money then they give the game companies other essentives to make their game exclusive to them and that's a fact.if sony didn't do that then they wouldn't be where they are at right now.companies always worked like that to get on top and if they didn't then they wouldn't be competive.look at it this way,the 360 accounts for 50% of software sales,so if a game company is smart then they would make their games for the 360 because of a bigger install base and the software sales it accounts for,it's the only smart thing to do,unless sony paid you money or gave you some other essentive to make the game excusive to them because if they didn't then they would have to put the game on the 360 because it account for more software sales then all the other combined.
i'm not saying the 360 is perfect because it isn't and i don't blame sony for every problem the 360 has but sony fanboys need to stop blaming every body but sony because all the problems with the ps3 isn't nobody fault but sonys.just listen to what the majority of developers say about the ps3 and please don't listen to sonys developers because you know what they are going to say.with all the developers complaining about the ps3 and all the delays in games and the ps3 doesn't have the power that sony claims it has,hell the only ones that say it does is sony,sony fanboys,and developers that has a lot invested in the ps3 but the majority of them said that they are really equal in power.
i'm not trying to make a smart a** remark but the way that sony fanboys blame every body else for the ps3 problems except sony is just ridiuculious and it make all of them look like their brains just can't absorb facts and it make them look jealous because of the poor sales of the ps3 and they need to blame some one other then sony for the ps3 problems.
the truth is that sony screwed up on the ps3 because they wasn't worry about the game war because they figured that they won it already.they forced br on the consumers not for games but to get a jump on the format war and it worked for them because if they didn't put the br drive in the ps3 then br would've lost already but it hurt them big time in the game war,hell sony wasn't even worried about games for the ps3,they said that their fans would buy the ps3 with out any games so they put all their time into the br drive instead of getting games and it hurt them.i know that sony fanboys will say that games need br but just read pc mag because they are not bias,they said that games want need br or hd-dvd for another 3 to 4 years,and it's true,just think for a minute,they only have about 3 games that so called needed br and the rest of the games used dvd-9 and they still have space on it,just look at mass effect,it's has every thing a next gen game is supose to have and they still have a lot of space left,they still had space left on oblivian and it lasted about 50 hrs.,even if you have to use more then 1 disc big deal we did it before and it was no big deal,but now the sony fanboys act like it's to much work to change disc but they didn't have any problems doing it before.
if sony would've put a dvd-9 into the ps3 then it probly would be #1 then in about 5 years later they could've put br in it with all the works the top model have for about $300 to $400 on launch date because the drives would be a lot cheaper and then at that time games will probly need more space.i think micro did it right,they put dvd-9 in the 360 and out sold the ps3,and about 4 years from now (it would be 6 years old)they will come out with another one with a lot more power then the ps3 with br or hd-dvd depending on the winner for around $300 to $400 and they will sell well and this time it will be able to play all the 360 games on it because they own the chips this time not like the regular xbox when another company owned a certain chip that some games needed to play.

Kaneda4046d ago

Blame on Sony...

hmmm... Infinity Ward is much smaller company than EA... They seems to do fine for PS3 w/ no complain... EA is much bigger w/ more resource than IW, they shouldn't have problem with PS3. But they do, and seem like they are not in the hurry to fix it. That will hurt their image.

Upper managements are the people that dictate how to company run... and EA people are doing a horrible jobs.

And I owned 1 PS1 (still works), and 1 PS2 (still works)... If Sony has problem w/ productions.. they fixed it, unlike M$ offered extended warranty and forget about it.

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cloud360-7th_account4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

No doubt this is Microsft doing...... Who knows. but all of these games getting delayed just seems weird and after all ms have been paying companies for exlusivity .

And EA is only company streesing how hard it is to programme for PS3. i dont think its whats hard about it, but they aint familiar with it But what do i know

But this may be good. It just means PS3 has killer 2008.

InMyOpinion4048d ago

You are not very old are you? I'm guessing 13-14.

QuackPot4048d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

EA and Valve are Microsoft fanboys.

Major 3rd party publishers/developers like Ubisoft, Infinity Ward, Epic are having no problem with the Ps3. So Valve, your excuse is? Are you not as good as Epic or Infinity Ward? Clearly you aren't.

My advice to Ps3 owners:

Boycott EA games.... until they stop making crappy ports and stop favouring one console over another with unjustified delays.

Wait untill The Orange Box hits the bargain bin .... as you won't be missing much. Yes you're getting 5 games for 1 but it's no giant leap forward in gaming - mostly all the same old.

And this is coming from a great fan of HL franchise. No more. Valve u r fanboy idiots.

This ex-HL fan is going to save his money for the great exclusives coming in 2008 as well as the sweet - non delayed - multiplats.

poopface14047d ago

The sales of PS3 games just doesnt justify the time or money that developers put into their games. Mabe they are just delaying so they can have a bigger instal base after the holidays, It seem that some games on 360 were pushed back too because they don't want to compete with big games like Halo or assasins creed, so that could be the case here too. This just means that you will be able to save some more money cause there are too many awsome games coming out on PS3 and 360 I cant afford to buy half of the games I want.

poopface14047d ago

The sales of PS3 games just doesnt justify the time or money that developers put into their games. Mabe they are just delaying so they can have a bigger instal base after the holidays, It seem that some games on 360 were pushed back too because they don't want to compete with big games like Halo or assasins creed, so that could be the case here too. This just means that you will be able to save some more money cause there are too many awsome games coming out on PS3 and 360 I cant afford to buy half of the games I want.

Daishi4047d ago

Ubisoft and Epic have both reported having problems developing for the PS3. Remember R6 Vegas, and all those reports of the unreal 3 engine not running properly? They did fix it by spending quality time with the system, but EA is not the only dpublisher/developer having problems with the PS3's technology.

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TheMART4048d ago

Whoops another delay on the Delaystation 3? Gosh.

BluRay movies are still coming right on scheduled dates I hear.

cloud360-7th_account4048d ago

the flash portal game is really good. I wud by this game. it wud be the first 1st person shooter i buy in like 4 years. Last 1st person shooter i play was medal of

unwind_protect4048d ago

This is great news, MS Wichser! I wouldn't have time to play it in November (want to concentrate on CoD4 and Warhawk) and dont want to suck in Team Fortress because others had more time to practice. :) I hope UT3 will only come out in January and not before Christmas.

kingboy4048d ago

It`s simply a marketing strategy..makes perfect sense considering this season`s already saturated with game realeases

xhi44048d ago

sucks. I might go buy the 360 version now. But it might work out seeing as I come back from overseas in january, but still, Ea = sh**house.

I mean seriously, Valve i swear why did they have to palm off the ps3 port to EA? Like seriously? Anyone......ANYONE but EA.

The 360 version is looking mighty delicious right now.....

Bloody EA.

jackdoe4047d ago

Sony must have killed Newell's dog to incur such hatred from him. Anyway, get the PC version if you don't want to wait. It will be $25 on black friday.

P4KY B4048d ago

PS3 fans should all buy it when its released, and not just ignore it because its also available on 360. Like they do with so many multiplatform games.

QuackPot4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

I don't ignore a game because it's multiplat.

I ignore a game because it's simply crap or a crappy port or an unnecessary delay....especially when there's no excuse for it. Oh, did I forget to mention that it has to be crap?

I'm only buying AAA exclusives for my 360 otherwise everything else is for the Ps3(exclusives and AAA multiplats).

Crappy ports will be swiftly ignored. Crap, I said it again.

jackdoe4047d ago

I only ignore a game that comes out too late past its launch window. Orange Box is a good game for this year, but next year there are so many better games coming out and because of that, I will ignore this game on the PS3.