Videogame Criticism as a Theological Pursuit

From the article: "There are basically two ways to view the world, talking in the broadest possible terms.Either there was a person behind the creation of the universe (and here I don't mean as in someone who made the world with his hands in seven days, rather someone who brought about the big bang or whatever natural physical mechanism brought the world into existence) or there wasn't. We can't empirically know one way or the other, and so, in this sense, whichever way you lean is something of a faith decision.

"The understanding of who or what God is based upon looking at the way the world functions around us (good and evil, logic etc) are actually more limited than you might think and that's where theology is mesmerising."

"I think that's part of why I find videogames so fascinating. In many cases they are the result of humans trying to build small worlds. In looking at the way in which we construct our virtual worlds (which are, in the vast majority of cases built upon the same - or variations of - physical and logical rules and laws as our own world) you can learn something about the way in which our world has been put together (in a philosophical sense as well as in a physical sense)."

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