Rumor Control: EA consolidating LA and Pandemic?

UK industry news site Develop is reporting that, similar to the EA Chicago closure, EA Chertsey wasn't so much shut down as it was consolidated with EA's UK and Criterion Games studios, which are located in located in nearby Guildford.

So where will the job cuts occur? Citing "industry chat," Develop believes it may be EA LA, makers of the Command & Conquer strategy game franchise, Medal of Honor first-person shooters, and site of the upcoming Steven Spielberg game collaboration. As rationale for the claim, Develop points out that the soon-to-be-acquired Pandemic Studios is also located in LA, and it would make sense and have precedence to consolidate these two studios given their close proximity.

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ruibing4087d ago

So much for the whole debate about leaving Pandemic and Bioware as separate entities. Why would people even want to work at EA anymore? You get a bad reputation and you're constantly living in fear of your job security. I believe EA is having an info session at my college next week, and you better believe I'm not going, despite the enticements of cheap pizza and shoddy sports games they are giving out.