Naruto "PS3" Project Video

A video of the Naruto PS3 game in action.

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Eidolon6100d ago

looking good, can't wait. Love that theme music.

MaximusPrime_6100d ago

looking good.

But what the game going to be about? beat-'em-up?

DethWish6099d ago

Let's hope for a kingdom hearts style RPG :)

SEAN16176099d ago

WAS IT ME OR THOSE EFFECTS ARE JUST OUT OF THIS WORLD!! I am sorry but after player the Uncharted demo for like 20x times i am now really seeing what the ps3 can really do. I mean if anyone has not played uncharted, i don't care if your a xbox360 fanboy, just play it it's just great.. and this is going to be also great go naruto

Cartesian3D6099d ago

u r not alone.. cant wait to play full version ..GOD cant wait..

btw : naruto looks really good ..

InMyOpinion6099d ago

Hmmm. The game is already available on the 360, Naruto: Rise of a ninja.

kingboy6099d ago

You`re not alone my friend ..the game is just stunning

Liquid Ocelot6099d ago (Edited 6099d ago )

Sorry i click reply on the wrong post.

ruibing6099d ago

This is NOT Rise of Ninja. The graphics and combat system are vastly different.

Jandre026099d ago

This is not the same Naruto. Its a completely different game. I think all Naruto games from now on will be PS3 only, or so I read somewhere.

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SEAN16176099d ago

i have the one on the 360 it looks no where near like this, although its fun on 360, the animations look nothing like this.

rofldings6099d ago

Yeah, Xgamer cause in no way are YOU a fanboy, retard.

Also, Game looks great - glad it's actually made by Japanese unlike that 3shitty version.

Honeal2g6099d ago

this is for the ps3 so it will most likely come out in japan first then everywhere else a year later just like all there other naruto games... so by the time it comes out here the second would most likely be.... then again i guess u could always buy the japanese version ... either way history will repeat it self ..i mean look at final fantasy and metal gear all gonna follow the same trend..japan release first then the rest.

UnblessedSoul6099d ago

The movements and animation are so accurate if theres jap voices with english subs I will buy the game

gokuss1220026099d ago

... with the "useless" space of Blu-ray, they will do a world-wide release, having multilangs on all disc.