BioShock (Xbox 360) Widescreen Patch in Next Update

2K forums administrator Elizabeth said that the widescreen patch for the Xbox 360 version of BioShock will be coming in the game's next update, which is "out soon".

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Bathyj3996d ago

Goddamn, thats about time. And the Sony guys were whining at ND and it took a day to fix.

I'm not flaming, I'm just saying. I'm glad the patch is here, I have to get back to this game at some point.

TheMART3996d ago

About time for what? Do you even play Bioshock? I did, on a widescreen. The only problem here is that small parts are not visible. One is not even aware of the problem and the gameplay isn't broken by it.

You know whats about time? That Sony get its delayed Home out there. I bet even in Spring only Japan will get home. Europe get shafted for sure, Home will be here not before Fall 2008.

Europe gets screwed more, like Uncharted the demo. And they said it was just an error they have to fix. Why does that take untill 22 november? And not in a day?

Not flaming, just saying. You don't like the 360, we know. But at least the games it get are playable.

Bathyj3996d ago

Mart you really are a fukwit, you know that.

Obviously I have Bioshock or I wouldnt care about the patch. As for the widescreen, its a known admitted issue with the game, and yes it does bother me. Not only is the top and bottom chopped off so are the sides. You dont have the peripheral vision you should have which is one of the things I like about shooters in Widescreen over a 4/3 picture. As a further result the picture seems blown up and everything seem to in your face. Maybe it only bothers me because I know about it but the fact remains its true, and I've been looking forward to the patch. Is that ok with you? At the moment Bioshock has a 4/3 picture with the top and bottom missing to make it rectangular. If you think thats good enough I dont know why your always picking on little technical issues with PS3 games. I agree it isn't game breaking but its not ideal either especialy for a shooter. It like only seeing 32" of a picture on a 42" tv and I dont that whole picture is shrunk down to fit that size, you are simply missing the sides all round the picture.

And what has PS3 or Sony got to do with any of this. The only reason I mentioned them was because they were all b*tching about the Uncharted demo thing. I tried to remind them it wasnt the end of the world and I was having a go at them. Oh and It did only take a day, or didnt you know. You can relax we've all go it now and its awesome.

And who said I dont like Xbox. I've never said that. I dont even claim PS3 is the best or will win and I dont try to win people over or sell them on what I like. You're just a M$ tool.

What you cant stand about me is that I have both machines and still like PS3 more. It bothers you cos your mental age is a 3rd of your actual age. About 11 I think. Its ok Mart I still like my Xbox, just not the most.

marionz3996d ago

mart the wide screen is an issue, as is the texture pop up and the audio that glitches and plays out of sync with the subtitles, and the patch that crippled the game by adding a stuttering framerate and constant crashes, i own bioshock and i love it but im not going back to it till these issues are fixed and not just swept under the carpet
i didnt pay good money for an unfinished and obviously untested game, its pretty clear they rushed the testing phase, probably to beat halo 3 to the shelf
great game but in the usual 2k style its verry buggy

ThaGeNeCySt3996d ago

Maybe there's a lot more going on with the patch on top of the widescreen fix? Maybe some new plasmids, new achievements, etc

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switch-it3996d ago

Wow, same sh!t everyday, but its quite funny so i wont take one of your bubbles. ;)

So wait, there wasnt widescreen in Bioshock?

TheMART3996d ago

Hah good you enjoy the show :P

There is widescreen in Bioshock, but when used a WS monitor/TV, some parts at the bottom and top of the screen weren't visible (cut off). You won't notice if you're playing at all, at least I sure didn't.

Original problem, read here:

Bathyj3996d ago

No Bioshock didn't have a proper 16/9 picture. It had a 4/3 picture which is already cropped on the sides and then it was futher cropped to make it a the correct aspect ratio but not the correct resolution

Imagine a rectangle with a square in it and a rectangle in the square.

Sorry to be a dik about this but since Mart wanted to make a big deal about it with me and then offer you a sweep it under the carpet explanation I thought I might let you know exactly what the situation is.

Let me repeat, I am glad the patch is coming because we should get the whole black rectangle but at the moment we are only getting the inner white one and you can see how much of the picture is missing.

switch-it3996d ago

To bad, but its good a patch is comming. I was actually considering getting a X360 for this and Mass Effect so im glad they are fixing it! :)

Grim3996d ago

Well I played through it without noticing any difference and I have a widescreen HD tv. Does'nt matter to me now anyway as I've finished it and with this type of game there is really no going back.

wh0am13996d ago

It had a gimped widescreen aspect ratio
it's only cropped on tht etop and bottom, not actual widescreen
heck i stopped playing the game because of it
it's good to know but there are so many games coming out this month i'm gonna have to not it some more

sak5003996d ago

I dint notice it on my 50" HDTV. My concern is with Halo3 coop's horizontal black strips on the WS TVs.

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