Assassin's Creed TV Spot

"See what becomes of those who stand in Altair's way."

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[ Note: Xbox 360 has a separate TV spot, but it's currently not hosted at GameTrailers. ]

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Jdash243997d ago

im getting confused about the release date now.......some are saying its the 13th and some are saying 14th

can anyone clarify for me?

ATLRoAcH3996d ago

I think it won't be in all stores until the 14th.Some stores though (Gamestop) will have it the 13th.I don't know now but I will when I get the automated call from Gamestop telling me to pick up my pre-order.

Jdash243996d ago

ahh ya.....i guess ill check both days....since i'll be to impatient for the call, im driving by there on the 13th anyway, so ill stop in the morning.......if not, just drive over there the next day

HarryEtTubMan3996d ago

PS3 commercials are all over t.v now... Blcokbuster is also putting PS3's in every Blockbuster...sounds pretty sweet!

[email protected]3996d ago

Can't wait just 4 more days, just 4 days.

Gahigiddy3996d ago

So we'll see how this affects PS3 sales vs 360 sales in the USA.
And no, bigger install base is worthless. Madden 360 outsold Madden PS2 1st month.

esreveR3996d ago

Man, I remember watching this when Assassin's Creed was announced and I've been waiting patiently for it ever since. Hopefully I can wait just 3 more days.

AC looks so amazing I can hardly imagine how awsome the 2 sequels will be. The Crusades were such an interesting time in history, what with the formation of the mysterious Knights Templar, and the even more mysterious actions of the Hashshashin. What a wonderfull and compelling story to be told in such an amazing media.