Is Braid pretentious? Creator Jonathan Blow answers his critics

‘I don’t think any of my games are pretentious, because I’m not pretending'

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disturbing_flame3534d ago

If by prentious we mean : original, clever and inovative. Yes it's a pretentious game.

Behind each game there's an ego. If that ego just want to make games like other games, take no risk and earn a benefice from this experience it's ok.
There are also egos that consider the video game media like a tool to express something in their creativity, they are reaching different goals even if they work in the same industry. Both have their place in the media, the appreciation of the game they produce is only formuled by the public, so if a game is judged as prententious it gives more information from the person that think the game is pretentious than from its creator.

whydoyouask3534d ago

your answer is pretentious.

disturbing_flame3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )


Just read my first sentence, i wrote "pretious" instead of "pretentious".
I created a new term, a mix between "precious" and "pretentious". Be pretious ! Or be not !

Cpt_kitten3534d ago

Braid's amazing and i will always love it but its still a mario clone

Why o why3534d ago

mario clone....sorry dude i strongly disagree. Whats mario about it in your eyes


I dont care what the personality of the dude behind the game was like. He produced the goods.

Cpt_kitten3534d ago

ummmmm the whole fact its a side scroller that at the end of a level a dinosaur says the princess is in another castle? i don't know how that isn't mario.....nothing wrong with that SMB is awesome

PirateThom3534d ago

I think you've missed the point of that scene a little, it's a homage, not a clone... it's so blatant. The whole time distortion element and the story really make it the most un-Mario side scroller ever, the only thing is really borrows are perfect controls... the art is also amazing...

But, damnit, I just don't like that game to the degree some people do (yet, own it on three platforms)

Why o why3534d ago

I just saw it more as a platform puzzler. I had to get every piece which meant i had to use the ol brain. With mario its mainly instincts. I never listened to he dinosaur anyhow. Clone is too strong a word in fact its the wrong word. Braid borrowed elements, thats about it

matgrowcott3534d ago

I've spent 10 minutes writing and re-writing this comment because I can't really sort out in my mind why I think Braid is pretentious. While the ending is interesting, not highly original but interesting, and the game itself well worth a play, there seems to be a feeling running through it that there is that much more going on.

That Braid is some sort of allegory for a problem or larger issue would be fine, but there is no real hint at what exactly that problem or issue is. Instead we just get the idea that it IS a metaphor. Which I think IS pretentious.

TheDivine3534d ago

I got it but dont see why people love it so much. Kinda average platformer besides the time mechanic. The ontrols were spot on though. Great for one guy but nothing special imo. Limbo, now thats a sidescroller i love to death. Different strokes.

newn4gguy3534d ago

They are both insanely good, imo.

newn4gguy3534d ago

The music, art, all-around perfect gameplay mechanics (including innovative new mechanics), and writing are all BRILLIANT!

That's why everyone bought it! It's the whole experience!

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