Hands-on PS3 Version of UT3: Lag Free Online Over PSN, Fair Sixaxis Controls

For the most part, UT3 for PS3 will feature the same campaign and much of the multiplayer experience that you'll get on PC. In fact, if you're inclined, you can synch up either a USB or Bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo and smite Sixaxis-wielding noobs with great efficiency. However, during the event, each kiosk was furnished with a controller. GameSpy's got to admit, it works fairly well.

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MK_Red3997d ago

Steering the Redeemer with Sixaxis should be fun but I still prefer M&K for UT. I've always played UT games with Mouse and Keyboard but this time my PC won't be able to handle this game so I have to go with the console versions.

No lag over online play with PSN. Awesome, can't wait for some online deathmatchs.

Charlie26883997d ago

damn I don't have a PS3 so ill get the PC version :P

I wanted crossplat online play so Mr. MK_Red would get a taste of my rockets or flank gun :D

But one can only dream XD

But anyway the PS3 version is shaping pretty good :)

MK_Red3997d ago (Edited 3997d ago )

My friend is getting the PC version since his system can handle the graphics so maybe we could play only, I'm also a flak canon crazy :)

I'll definitly get UT3 for PC sometime when I upgrate my system because I HAVE to play UT on PC. Really sad that crossplatform didn't make it. But who knows? Maybe a future patch makes it possible.

TheHater3997d ago

UT3 on the ps3 support mouse and Keyboard. So you can still use your usb keyboard and mouse

Apocwhen3997d ago

Keyboard and Mouse in this game is the reason I got a PS3 instead of upgrading my PC. It was either spend €500 on a 60gb PS3 or probably €1500 on a new PC

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xhi43997d ago

can't wait for this game. Im going to mod my PS3 UT3 out like crazy! Lage free PSN play with tons of people, mouse and keyboard and VERY small and light blue-tooth headset, 52 ich XBR bravia, surround sound, it's gonna ROCKK! lol :P

MK_Red3997d ago

UT is a game that NEEDS to be lag free and when it happens and there is not lag, it will be a killer ride. "Momomomomo MONSTER KILL"

C_SoL3997d ago

the PS3 version was gonna be a failure..but the ones that reviewed the game say it's awesome, so i might be getting this or COD4. What to choose, what to choose? hmmm....

dude_uk3997d ago


its "Hazo" lol

CaptainMeatwad3997d ago

I'd make Uncharted a priority as well. Demo was so awesome!

Daishi3997d ago

If you can only get 1 of the following; Haze, UT3, CoD4, or Uncharted the choice should be pretty easy. UT3 simply because EVERY kill is satisfying! CoD4 and Haze are pretty much tied (and I know I'm going to loose bubbles for this) but Uncharted is just too slow in comparison to the other 3 to be a strong contender as an action game. Then again I mainly play FPS's so take that into consideration and you'll realize why UT3 is so high on my list (If you haven't played Unreal Liandri Conflict find an origanl xbox and play it, best Unreal ever!)

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Blood_Spiller3997d ago

I have to admit, when I get the PS3 version I'll miss being able to go into the graphics options and hear the guy say "Holy Sh*t!" when you turn all the options up to their max, it's the little things that count!

MK_Red3997d ago

OMG, superb one. I can never forget how I reacted when I heard the announcer say "Holy SH**". Epic FTW!

Bathyj3997d ago

Lag free online. Worth every cent we pay for it. ;)

DJ3997d ago

Hell yeah, dude. ;)

Close_Second3997d ago has no lag and Xbox Live does?

I'm in New Zealand (NZ) and when I play against anyone else in NZ or Australia (AUS) I experience no lag on Xbox Live. When I play against a host who's outside these countries (NZ,AUS) I experience some lag (depending on the time of day).

How will the Playstation network improve this at all as my signal would still need to go via our international connections between NZ and the rest of the world?

Daishi3997d ago

that's a tough one Close Second. I really don't think that PSN or Xbox Live has much to do with that but I could be wrong. Mainly depends on your internet source IMO. Certain ISP's have trouble communicating with one another, I'm in the States and have had no lag with my friend in Ireland but me and my buddy across the street can hardly play together because of his/my ISP.

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