Red Steel Wii controller gameplay demo

Red Steel is an FPS/adventure Nintendo Wii exclusive game by Ubisoft, who's got a 100-person team working to get the game ready for the Wii launch this year.

Check out the Wii controller gameplay demo.

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drewdrakes5869d ago (Edited 5869d ago )

aww, i thought you would hold the controller as if it were your sword and move it around to block and stuff, like a lightsaber hilt.

wakkiwakko5869d ago

Sounds like you expected a whole lot. Haha. I don't mind the footage. It looks how its meant to be played. It's simple. It's easy. And it's not over the top.

drewdrakes5869d ago

ya, i had high hopes :( lol im sure it will still be good though. I should submit my idea and see what they think :)

Marty83705869d ago

Not impressed with th Wii controller or the controls in red Steel.

drewdrakes5869d ago

I think both are fantastic, Ubisoft always makes quality games. We can count on them.

Asylumchild5864d ago

I think this would be a challange something new to get use too I like it a lot Something new is always good i own a 360 and that console is sweet but ill never beable to afford the ps3 so im gunan try the wii looks fun with super smash bros brawl and this game