We need more 3rd Person Action Games. -BlackBible's Prospective

GamerFitNation's BlackBible talks about his thoughts on the 3rd person action game market. He feel there should be more of them. I know there are a lot of games not mention so don't get uptight if any of your favorites weren't called out. Still if you can tell us of some 3rd person games, that are good feel free to comment on them. Heck List them if you want I'll be sure to comment on them.

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Hitman07694074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

Wow I couldn't agree more. Enough with the shooters please! If you aren't gonna innovate stay the fuck out of the genre. Action would give devs a chance to get way more original ideas out there.

gamerfitnation is doing great work right now. its a nice refreshment from the rest of the websites, its actually a real gamer talking here not sum bull shit haha

xtheownerzx4074d ago

I think its funniest how he goes whit was just cause 2 a good game LOL

BLACKBIBLE4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

I could be wrong, and if I am please feel free to correct me, but really do feel there is a need for my 3rd person games. One game I forgot to mention that I feel I should now is "Freedom Fighters" It was a excellent Game.

xPhearR3dx4074d ago

Oh man, Freedom Fighters was the shit. Would love to see another one. Too many FPS these days. I've always preferred third person over first person anyway.

SilentNegotiator4074d ago

The crazy thing about Freedom Fighters is that it's one of those games I would play today and actually think a cover system would have IMPROVED the game. Like going through the subway towards the beginning, I got shot full of holes because there were pillars, but I couldn't get all the way behind them.

Anyway, I'm all for more third person titles. Sometimes I feel a bit claustrophobic in FPS games....especially when they add in helmet details and crap; I feel like I'm seriously jammed inside the player I'm using.

metsgaming4074d ago

I totally agree there needs to be more third person games. Another great tps is battlefront 1 and 2 those games were awesome but lucasarts is insistant on making stuff no one wants and the quality has been trown out the door

YourFlyness4074d ago

Viking:Fight for asgard too, which was like a Freedom Fights set in Midevil times

Pozzle4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

I definitely agree with this. I'd love to see the return of series like Legacy of Kain (though I wish Sony would buy the rights to the series and give it back to Amy Hennig), Devil May Cry (the original series, not the reboot), Parasite Eve (the original series, none of that 'Third Birthday' crap) and most survival-horror series. God, I miss good genuinely scary survival horror games.


WOW the Legacy of Kain and Parasite Eve your taking me back!

xtheownerzx4074d ago

Amy Hennig wrote the story for legacy of kain? I did not know that, guess you learn something new everyday.

Pozzle4074d ago

Yep, she wrote/directed them all except for Blood Omen 2 (which was really noticeable imo. It had an awful plot compared to the others). It's interesting...I was actually playing Soul Reaver 2 the other day, and I got some definite Uncharted vibes to it. Amy's influence on both series are really noticeable. She sure knows how to write an amazing story, and create such interesting worlds and characters!

Which is why I hope Naughty Dog can somehow get the rights to the series and continue it. I'd hate for the series to be revived under someone else's hands, only to end up like BO2. :(

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