Top Five Games to Play with Your Special Lady - GameZone

GameZone's David Sanchez gives the Top Five Games to Play with Your
Special Lady. These are games that are good to play with a significant other, gamer or not.

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athmaus2624d ago

Interesting list, but im sad Little Big Planet didnt make the list...great game to play as a couple

mystakin2622d ago

Mario Kart becomes infinitely more fun when more people are added to the mix, even moreso when they're close to you. Great list and great games!

DemonStration2622d ago

I can't imagine DKC co-op with your special lady ending with anything but a grumpy couple

TheSanchezDavid2622d ago

I can see where you're coming from, but I have a strange attraction to moody girls, so playing Donkey Kong Country Returns with a girl would be awesome for me.