IGN's Mass Effect Preview with New Video - Massively Effective Combat

Take a quick look at a few screenshots or videos of Mass Effect and you may be tricked into thinking the game is a standard shooter. It's not. This is a role-playing game through and through. The combat certainly looks like a Ghost Recon style game at first glance which has left many wondering how it actually plays. IGN have found that the combat in Mass Effect takes roughly four or five hours to fully wrap your head around because it isn't exactly like a shooter, but it also plays differently from almost every other RPG out there. Once you do get the hang of it, you'll see just how much fun it can be.

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C_SoL4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

the enemy just run by the person that was playing....anyways this game still looks awesome....

@snoop- u talkin to me? cause i'll tell you off right now. i ain't in the mood.

Ps3Fanboy7774048d ago

How much time do they spend in that stupid pop up menu then the actual game? That is retarded. GOTY? Please, barely consider it a game. Bad choice with weapon selection.

Not to mention the AI seems dumb as bricks.

Graphics look okay. Nothing special. Cut scenes look great!

Dr Pepper4048d ago

"How much time do they spend in that stupid pop up menu then the actual game? That is retarded."

Wow, I guess most RPGs are "retarded" then, seeing as how using the menus for managing items and switching equipment are a pretty big part of any role-playing game.

snoop_dizzle4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

yeah i was going to say ps3 fanboy, have you really played any rpgs at all? Most are pretty slow paced.

The sad thing is you are a sony fanboy yet apparently probably have no interest in rpgs, and rpg's being one of sony's strongest strong points(forgive the redundancy)

Edit: No i was talking to PS3Fanboy777 and again someone is taking something out of context, i was simply saying to him that most rpgs have a fairly slow pace, and being that sony is known for great rpgs, and a being a ps3 fanboy disliking rpgs is kinda strange. The a.i doesn't seem like its the best amongst all game s out there. But so what? It looks like it will be pretty good.

x440Magnumx4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

And since the graphics looks amazing, you have to fault the A.I. ;)

Anyway, the AI is explained best in post 5.7 by me I think....the AI bot is making a charge toward the party member thats hurting it most, and the player decides to run straight at him rather than hold back and focusing on shooting the charging AI to protect his team mate.

(MMO players call it "aggro".)

jackfatal4047d ago

the graphics looks good maybe the story and music effect looks good too but not the game play!

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Ahhhh4048d ago

well, maybe, the A.I. didn't see the character.. =p but oh well still looks great, like you said.

Bnet3434048d ago

but i think saying the AI is dumb based on one video is really grasping for straws. its like saying michael jordan sucks at basketball because he did bad in one game. you get me?

Xi4048d ago

which is also possible since there's 2 other chars behind the player.

Bnet3434048d ago

because it looks so damn amazing ... 10 more days ....

gamesR4fun4048d ago

heres hoping I get it on sale when I can afford another console. Still wondering if I should recommend it to my dad he's a big fps fan (lost complete contact with him for a week after he got bioshock)but he hates rpg stuff...
So is this going to be an action title or is there going to be a lot of puzzles and quest type stuff?

snoop_dizzle4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

the a.i. doesn't seem the best in this game, but from the sounds of it, the story makes up for it.

Bnet3434048d ago

saying the AI is dumb based on one video is really grasping for straws. its like saying michael jordan sucks at basketball because he did bad in one game. you get me?

snoop_dizzle4048d ago

it sounds like you are saying i was calling the a.i dumb. Far from it. I was simply saying it was not the best a.i. in any game.

Unless you were just repeating what others were saying and agreeing with me that the a.i wasn't dumb.

mesh14048d ago

dont comment as u sony fans seem dumber and dumber ITS rpg the ai is not meant to be amazing u kiddont worry no matter what u say mass effect will get goty and selll millions.

snoop_dizzle4048d ago mesh, mass effect is like one of my most anticipated games this year.

i loved kotor, and i have a feeling i will love this.

Bnet3434048d ago

im not going to bother defending this game. your passing judgment of Mass Effects AI based on one video dont lie.

snoop_dizzle4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

my gosh how am i basing this on the game!? A little to trigger happy there aren't you? Apparently you fail to read what i said and put words in my mouth.

I think the game will be freaking awesome!

i will reiterate, this is one of my most anticipated games this year. the a.i isn't the best but so what? Its going to be an excellent game!

A little to defensive aren't you? At least to me.

x440Magnumx4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

Anyway, I think he was running toward the party member that was shooting from way back at the end of the hallway. Probably because they were dealing more damage than the support class adept, so the A.I. prioritized the heavy hitter over the weaker one. (Pistol vs. assualt rifle, or whatever it was.)

Looks like the A.I. was charging too, right as the player sprinted, so I'd say it was as poor a decision to move by a charging A.I. by the player as it was to charge on past by the A.I. If anything when you're being charged you load them full of bullets until the last second and then sidestep.

Also the wheel is cool, because each corner of it represents a party member and their weapons and abilities, and you select that corner and tell your squadmates who to attack or shield with what weapon or power.

So if you want them to focus firepower on a target you've lifted up out of cover with your biotics, you can tell them to. If you want them to supress enemies behind cover so you can move to a better vantage point, you can tell them to with a fairly simple system.

Or if you want shielded or healed, you just tell them too. Allows you to take it slow and play RPG style, or just go in guns blazing.

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