Forza Motorsport 2 Delayed

Forza Community VIP known as Chespace on the official Forza 2 forums said today that Forza 2 is no longer Holiday 2006, and a new release date will be announced at X06.

“The game is no longer Holiday 2006 -- but we won't announce a new date until X06. Gotta do what you gotta do to get things right, y'know?” – Chespace wrote today when asked if the game was delayed.

Source: forums

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highps35875d ago

360 is doomed. With Armored Core 4 being cancelled now this game getting pushed back and looking completely downgraded from E3 06 shots. Why even bother putting it out.


BadTaste5875d ago

...Yes now Xbox 360 is doomed... you dumbass :/

TheMART5875d ago

Amored Core 4?

And the developper said the 360 is too hard to program? hahahaaa don't make me laugh.

I'll play Assassins Creed and I'll laugh. And soon, DMC4 will be announced by Capcom on 360 also. As long as the real good games come to 360 and the lame ones go exclusive on PS3 I am all fine! So please take Full Auto and this one!

DJ5874d ago

LOL. Mass Effect and Too Human are pushed back as well.

TheMART5875d ago

Maybe it isn't delayed, but will be brought sooner, like on X06! That would be a nice surprise

Capt CHAOS5874d ago

Never heard so much Bull Sh*t in my life.. The PS3 was never delayed. It was just announced early to try and hit the 360 sales..

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The story is too old to be commented.