Haze - Streets of Britain Video

Are you excited for Haze?

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Apocwhen4087d ago

That was a good Video. They got some good humour, especially at the end where they are making a reference to Jade Raymond on the phone.

But you can see not many people know of the game, especially when he asked some kids on the street. Now if you had said Halo I'm sure they'd of been "Oh Yeah!". Still looking forward to this game. The Continuous streaming they mentioned sounds impressive.

MK_Red4087d ago

Agreed. Hope they have the humor in the game.
One of the best things about TimeSplitters was it's humor. (Sad that there are no monkeys here...)

ruibing4087d ago

They should have tried a video game store...

barom4087d ago

hahahaahah that call at the end that he got. I think they were referring to Jade Raymond hahahahahahah... that's some funny stuff right there.

HarryEtTubMan4087d ago

Jade Raymond gives me a chub. I think Haze is going to be a good game... Co-op/multiplayer with vehicles. i CAN'T WAIT.

remix4087d ago

haze looks really stupid to me.

hopefully sony can get out unreal tournament 3 this christmas, that will push some units

xhi44087d ago

too funny! Jade Raymond haha

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The story is too old to be commented.