Umd-video Price Reduction Leads To 10x Sales

Today, Gpara carries an announcement from Warner Home Video that states that after they reduced the retail price of the UMD-Videos to 980 yen (~$8.50 USD), the company moved over 10x as many units.

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clayton5869d ago

Why don't they just give them away. Sony sux big time. LOL If you buy a PSP or a PS3 you are a sucka. LOL Dorks

CAPS LOCK5869d ago

i have a psp and i enjoy it alot, especially the homebrew applications.

Marriot VP5869d ago

reason is simple, if you have a PSP a 8 dollar movie is practical.

drewdrakes5869d ago

Ya, I dont like sony, but i must admit i love my PSP. Tip to anyone who buys one, dont upgrade the firmware ; ) (well of course this should be common knowledge but i just like to make sure). ctlusinger, i dont like your comment about me being a "sucka" (whatever the hell that means, english man!!), and quite frankly, this is the first time im ever defending sony. Its much easier to read when you spell things the correct way.

DJ5869d ago

He posted his stuff here.

He told us that Sony was now forcing studios to drop the prices of UMD movies (they were over-priced, usually featureless, and they're physically smaller than DVDs so it gives consumers a certain mindset).

With UMDs selling for $9.99 at retail they're bound to start flying off of shelves again. I say 9.99 instead of $8.50 'cause, well you know how retail stores work.

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