Zack & Wiki Review: One of the best games on the Wii

From MEGATONik: "There's not much I can say about Zack & Wiki that hasn't already been said elsewhere. It's garnering critical acclaim across the board, and yet, rumors are abound that early sales have been abysmal at best. It's sad to think that one of the best games on the Wii ever might go the way of Beyond Good & Evil or Psychonauts, adored by those who played it, and ignored by most everybody else."

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MK_Red4000d ago

God, even mentioning the names of Beyond Good & Evil or Psychonauts makes me sad and angry. Why DIDN'T PEOPLE BUY THESE GEMS!!??

(Calms down) Back to topic, I actually think Zack & Wiki is the 2nd best Wii game after Super Mario Galaxy. The game is an instant classic.

Prismo_Fillusion3999d ago

I, only a moment ago, bought Zack and Wiki just for you MK!

Problem is, while I might have enough money to buy all the games I want to play...I don't have enough time. :( Sucks to be BWii, MOH:H2, RE:UC, etc.

cooke154000d ago

I would definately put this in my top 5 Wii games

Super Mario Galaxy
Metroid Prime 3
Zack & Wiki
Super Paper Mario
RE4 Wii Edition

wh0am14000d ago

How is Nintendo gonna get more 3rd party support if people aren't supporting their 3rd party games!

Sure I can understand the poor sales if it's a bad game.
But Zack and Wiki is suppose to be awesome from all the stuff I've read about it.
Great Wii control? yes.
Great gameplay? check.
Good looking? looks nice alright.

And don't tell me it's too "kiddy" I thought it was all about the gameplay!
This makes Wii owners look like hypocrites.
More 3rd party support they say, now a good third party game comes out, no body cares.


And buy Psychonauts!

MK_Red3999d ago

"And buy Psychonauts!"
That alone deserves a bubble. Completely agreed.

Stop surfing the net people. Get up, go out and by Psychonauts, Z&W and Beyond Good & Evil NOW.

cooke153999d ago

Also don't forget to blame Capcom. Have you seen a SINGLE advertisement for the game?

cooke153999d ago

The problem is Wii had nothing since MP3 then WHAM a dozen games worth buying! that pisses me off! Publishers should understand that gamers buy games no matter what time of year, and most of the games they keep for christmas arent christmas type gifts.. "yes Son ill buy you resident evil umbrella chronicles for christmas" :)