IGN: Dark Mist playtest - Could be a steal at seven bucks

IGN had the chance to test Game Republic's latest PSN title, Dark Mist:

"Game Republic has quickly become one of the most prolific developers on the PlayStation 3 platform. That's not always a good thing, though. While recently we've seen quality titles like FolkLore, the company's earlier Genji 2 didn't really do much to help establish the young PS3 lineup (well, excluding Japan, where without it we would've been forced to play the Gundam game).

We'd place the company's latest PSN title, Dark Mist, closer to the FolkLore side as far as the fun is concerned. Available exclusively for download via the PlayStation Network, Dark Mist combines overhead shooting with room-by-room dungeon exploring, and covers it all with that trademark Game Republic visual flare."

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resistance1003999d ago

I know its off topic but anyone notice that Uncharted Advert on this link? Nice approach showing the filmed footage of the stuff that girl filmed in the game. Still its early to see Uncharted Adverts isn't it? sony are going to push this beast of a game.

Any back on topic. Game Republic really are upping there game after the disapointing Gengi, which is always a good thing

crippler6663999d ago

You just get round to thinking there is not much to get excited about on the PSN horizon (well except Pain) and this gem comes along.

Skerj3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

I'm loving the PSN games, keep the original stuff coming. Dammit I didn't know it was on the Japanese store yet, guess I'm about to buy it.

doomsonyman3999d ago

who is that dude in your avatar??

Skerj3999d ago

Grand L. Bush as Balrog from the Street Fighter live action movie.

KidMakeshift3999d ago (Edited 3999d ago )

I played and finished it yesterday. It's has Folklore's graphics, Eternal Sonata's art style and plays like mutant storm meets zelda

The gameplay isn't deep and the gameplay doesn't very much, though it does have a boss fight stage for each realm.

Skerj3999d ago

That sounds like a winner there then man, I need to get the virtual Japanese cc so I can purchase import PSN titles.

KidMakeshift3999d ago

I'd recommend getting a Japanese Playstation Network Card for the Samurai Spirit and Last Blade games.
However, there is a Samurai Spirits (Shodown) Anthology coming out for the PS2. The only benefit of getting the PSN versions is that you can play them on your PSP.

Skerj3999d ago

Which Samurai Spirits? I have 3 and 4 imported for Saturn. And if it's the Last Blade 2 then count me in.

Keowrath3999d ago

@ Skerj. I used to have a virtual CC for purchasing stuff off the HK and JPN PSN's but Sony seems to have wised up to that idea. (Just after the 1st NG:S content was released) the next 2 installments of the content came out and I wasn't able to purchase them.

After hunting around a lot I came across a guy on Ebay who sells the JPN PSN cards. He doesn't actually send you the card, just the "account number" this worked perfectly so is probably the best way to go if you wanna buy stuff off the foreign stores and are having problems purchasing with your own or virtual cc's.

I know at least one guy said he had no probs buying stuff off all region stores with his own credit card but if you do, try the PSN card route worked fine for me.

PM me if you got any questions.

KidMakeshift3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

Samurai Spirits 1 & 2 are one game, then 3 and 4 are separate. They also have the horrible 3-d Samurai Spirits Warriors Rage. They only have Last Blade 1 available at the moment. They also have all the King of Fighters up to 99'. If you have a modded PS2 I recommend getting Samurai Spirits 6. It's $34 on and includes over 54 characters from the series. There's no mentioning of it coming to the US unless SNK decide to add it to the anthology game coming out next year.

Also, the FolksSoul packs only work for the Japanese Version. Dark Mist is coming out in the US before the end of this month. Japanese is next to non-existant in the game (just the intro).

Skerj3998d ago

Thanks guys, I'm going the PSN card route now. They smartened up with the credit card address verification so while I can use my old address from Japan, my cards won't work anymore like for Tekken. Well since Dark Mist is coming out to other stores before the end of this month I guess I can hold off. I think I might have to check out SS6 though, I was kind of let down by 5 but 54 characters damn!!

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[email protected]3998d ago

It's kinda original PSN game. If the game reach the PSN store one day obviously i going to buy it.

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