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RyuDrinksTheDew3825d ago

sweet, good find!!

definitely a fitting character model.

RedDead3825d ago

Honestly he looks like a samurai with leprosy

Still though, i'm all over him for his abilities

Cpt_kitten3825d ago

im a little put off by the dark elf this time around, but then again its 1 variant out of a billion.....and those daggers are totally awesome

now if only we can hold daggers like that in game skyrim will be perfect

Dovahkiin3825d ago

I like it, oblivion's was pretty much a change in skin tone, and that was still fine. I would love to see screenshots of all the races.

Cpt_kitten3825d ago

i know they showed the kajiit and orcs, i am curious as to the Argoinians a lot considering they are not humanoid and i would like to see everyone else but like i have already said there will be 300+ hours of game play the first 50-100 will be exploring everything new

Dovahkiin3825d ago

Yeah I want to know how the Argonians look, I know I'll be playing a Nord, but i would love to see them all in high quality screens.

climaxz3825d ago

I want to see the argonians, Dark elf looking sweet though

Jacks_Medulla3825d ago

The wait is becoming absolutely painful.

Gator_ESG3825d ago

Can't wait either!!! going to be epic!

Aussie_Gamer3825d ago

I know right? Although I bet, the first time I see a dragon, I'll probably say "RUN!!!" and get my low level green ass out of there. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.