Darksiders 2 Wii U to match PC-level graphics? ONM says so...then removes article

Earlier today we linked to a preview from ONM concerning Darksiders 2. Out of the entire feature, there was one blurb that really stood out.

After only a few weeks with the Wii U development kit, however, the team were genuinely buzzing with excitement

- the graphics looking to match the top-spec PC iteration and the code working remarkably well on the hardware. It's early doors yet, of course, but the signs are that, for non-Nintendo developers, the Wii U is great system to work with - a far cry from the 'new hardware issues' that other consoles (most notably the PlayStation 3) have presented for third-party developers in the past.
That would fly in the face of what we heard from Vigil. They said they weren't bumping graphics, and were instead going with the 360/PS3 build. Perhaps that's why this article has since been removed by ONM. Either the article has some incorrect info, or something slipped before it should have!

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Shok4583d ago

Another magazine/developer stating that it's much more powerful than the 360/PS3, yet we will STILL see people going around saying "oh it's only slightly stronger" or "It's just as strong as the current systems, Nintendo is teh doomz!"

This is about the 100th time we've seen hints/rumors that it'll be a real next-gen console (power-wise) yet we'll still see hate articles saying "marginally more powerful."

Anyways, if it's a strong as a current day PC then that's awesome. Current-day PC's blow consoles out of the water.

fluffydelusions4583d ago

I can tell you right now it's on par with a high end PC

Rrobba4583d ago

Yup. I think it's going to be pretty powerful.

powerofcell4583d ago

PS3 already matches high end PCs. Its just that Sony isnt willing to unlock all its power yet. Poor PC gamers while they need to keep upgrading, PS3 gets free power upgrades via firmware upgrades. Truely revolutionary.

LightofDarkness4583d ago

Is it just me or are trolls getting less creative?

sikbeta4583d ago

You're kidding right? being on par with current High-end PC would mean EXPENSIVE, so, no, it's not, it may be more powerful than PS3/X360, but that's given, I mean those specs are +5 years old now, they should be able to make something more powerful than that :P

Ranshak4583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

Dam console gamers need to stop dreaming.

Any of you ever been close to a Mid to highend PC? with the amount of heat todays highend chips generate and the amount of power they need. Console makers would actually have to make cases the size of PCs to accomodate chips that generate that much heat. They would also have to give the same machines some real PSUs to feed all the power these chips would need.

All of this would add up on the cost. Not giving the system big casings like PC would end up with YLOD and RROD issues.

A mid range chip like the 6870 of today touches 80C underload and thats with a free flowing PC case with very good airflow etc, put that in a closed console environment and it will cause a meltdown.

Hence please stop dreaming of consoles rivaling todays mid or high end PCs. Just not gonna happen unless they figure out a way to defy physics and some how reduce the heating and power issues, a simple die shrink to 28nm just wont be enough.

WhiteLightning4583d ago

@powerofcell: Why is it I'm having Déjà vu with your comment. I'm sure you've said that before.

bozebo4583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

Wii U will probably match high end graphics of a last generation graphics card (the generation of graphics cards before DX11).

But seeing as the chip design is old-ish and manufacturing has moved on a bit they may be able to make a beefier version that doesn't create too much heat.

Don't expect high-end PC graphics though. Mid-end is more like it.

One thing is for sure, it should have at least twice the graphical performance of current consoles and probably a similar level of CPU performance - coupled with more ram they will be removing the design/environment/AI/Physics limitations that consoles have had for a while.

For them to make a console with similar graphical performance to the 360/ps3 it would probably cost MORE to manufacture, because the actual logistics of having a chip produced are where the costs lie - they can use new tech because it is simply based upon R&D and doesn't mean that the unit costs would be high. Infact, new chip designs probably use less raw materials, time, energy etc. to manufacture than older chip designs and would therefore be cheaper.

sinclaircrown4583d ago

Match which PC? Very few are the same these days.

SilentNegotiator4583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

Yeah, and this SAME EXACT DEVELOPER that was a main hyping party at Nintendo's E3 conference, accounts for 99/100 of these hints.

Nintendo's tech demo wasn't very impressive, especially considering there was no processing regarding gameplay. And on top of that, Nintendo refuses to confirm "NATIVE 1080p" and continually throws around "supports 1080p"......remind you of any console unveiling? Like, maybe two that were 5 and 6 years ago?

The darksiders dev, the creators of ONE sub-HD, no AA, 360/ps3 title, are not the ones to tell us anything about hardware.

If you want to get sucked up in the hype from one or two untalented developers (in terms of technical stuff...I do like Darksiders) and eat up the fact that the WiiU is using some weak version of a newly releasing GPU, that's your problem. The higher the hype, the bigger the fall.

Good point. +1 Well said

bumnut4583d ago

Im not sure what amuses me the most, Power of Cells comments or the fact some people agreed.

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jacksheen00004583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

I was thinking the same thing...we've definitely seeing hints being thrown at us many times, but we all have failed to catch on to the hint.

Ok...I think the hints is when game developers make the comparison between the PS3/360. And, I think they want us all to know that the Wii U computational power is in the same ball park as the 360/PS3.

Now thinking back when I first saw the Zelda HD demo,
I was totally blown away of the amount of lighting being processed on screen at the same time.

So Logically, the Wii U would be more powerful than the 360/PS3 considering the amount of lighting, refractions, transparency, reflection that was rendered on the fly.This, of course, would require more processing power as well as more RAM to pull those incredible visual off.
So I m going to wait until the specs of the Wii U are revealed to us all instead of jumping to conclusions. Nuff said!

ChickeyCantor4583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

Even if the WiiU is at Ps3 level ( even though the way how link was rendered in the tech demo was something i havnt seen on any consoles ), it is enough for me. Simply because I havn't seen their first party games at such scale of fidelity.

The artistic things they could do with their games now.
I dont care if its Ps3 or high-end pc level. I want F-zero damn it.

Rrobba4583d ago

Yea, most of us are failing to catch the hints that are being stuck right up our faces.

qwertyz4583d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

no its not.it would be more powerful than ps3 and 360 though because even a 2006 high end pc destroys ps3 and 360 combined. the nextbox will probably be far more powerful because AMD is hyping it when they are also designing wii us gpu.

so why would AMD hype the graphics and AI capabilities of the nextbox and not hype wii us power when the wii u has already been announced and the nextbox has not?

that just goes to show that it won't be true next gen. a next gen leap in power is at least 30x that of the previous platforms and a gtx 580&amd hd 6970 are already about 30-35 times more powerful than console graphics rendering resources in real world performance.to top it off by early next year both amd and nvidia will have next generation gpus out that look to be 3x more powerful than the gtx580!

I know AMD has something very special for nextbox can't wait to see what it is. they did a good job with the 360s gpu by the way;it was the most advanced and powerful single commercial gpu when it launched because it had directx10 functions(such as multiple pass tessellation, memexport,unified shader architecture etc),10mb 256gb/s edram that helps alleviate bandwidth sappers(such as framebuffer, lighting, alpha effects etc), cpu l2 cache locking and cpu aided procedural synthesis.

The 360s gpu was technically the worlds first directx10 gpu. I basically had a nerdgasm when I first saw the feature set in late 2005. I was intrigued.

in late 2005 it was the most advanced but did not match geforce 7950gx2 or ati radeon 1950x2(which are both DUAL gpus) in RAW NUMBERS. xenos did have MORE features than either of them. xenos was outdated in both featureset and raw performance in 2006 when geforce 8 series launched(infact an 8800 ulltra is 4 times more powerful than xenos overall).

AMD themselves said the 360 runs an ADVANCED form of directx9.0c why ? because regular directx9.0c doesn't support unified shader architecture, memexport, multiple pass tesselation as well as few other thing xenos could do and therefore AMD and MS had to expand the feature set of directx9.0c to ensure that these additional features would be available to developers. the directx9.0c was also modified to support cpu(using the vmx128 units aided procedural synthesis)

by the way the 360s multiple pass tessellator(requires multiple vertex passes) is not the same as directx 11 tessellators and isn't nearly as powerful. directx 11 uses SINGLE pass tessellation(only requires 1 pass). the tesselator in a 5870 is about 20x more powerful than the 360s tesselators and that of a 6970(which has 2 tesselators) is about 50 times more powerful than the 360s. if you do a little research you'll realize that what I'm saying is indeed true.

the 360 obviously didn't have enough ram and edram space to match the resolutions and texture quality possible on pc at the time. I'm sure we all know that.

Seferoth754583d ago

Some people live in their own little world and ignore reality.. You kid are one of those people.

Just keep on ignoring what developers are saying and pretending that AMD is hyping the nextbox..

Just means you'll have to create an alt account when you are proven wrong.

LOL@360 having the most advanced GPU when it launched... Most advanced if you ignore the FACT that the PC already had better GPUs avalaible

ChickeyCantor4583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

Keep in mind that Nintendo doesn't want AMD to talk about the hardware as it might bring disappointment and disbelieve if their words are not true.

MS doesn't even have anything solid to present soon anyways.
So no damage done for AMD going apesh/t to hype their own production.

Seafort4583d ago

The x360 gpu is dx9 capable not dx10.

The current consoles gpu are 3-4 generations behind the pc gpus.

We're on dx11 now which just introduced tessellation.

bozebo4583d ago

"LOL@360 having the most advanced GPU when it launched... Most advanced if you ignore the FACT that the PC already had better GPUs avalaible "

no... the 360 did have the most advanced comsumer-available gpu when it launched. It was the first chip to use a unified shader architecture which was a huge leap in graphics technology.

But all that ended pretty fast when PC chips/cards soon had more than double the performance for a lower price (if you were only buying the graphics card of course).

DNov4583d ago

If what you said is true, we would be on gen 3 or 4. And there is no way they could fit a chip you described in a console. Xbox 360 ran on DirectX 9.

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stuna14583d ago

That might be true, but it's also giving people a potential inkling as to how much it possibly is going to cost! IMO that is why they haven't come out with the specs or, the rest of the console. All anyone knows about is the tablet and what it could potentially do, but people would be crazy to think that the tablet will cost more than the console itself! And current up to date graphic chips in pc's are not cheap, and that's just one of the pieces to the puzzle of constructing a console.

jaosobno4583d ago

WiiU specs:

- tri-core PowerPC CPU (stinks of modified Xenon from X360)
- GPU based on 4800 radeon series (3 generations old GPU, soon to be 4 when southern islands come out later this year)

And you expect PC like graphics from ancient hardware?

bozebo4583d ago

I presume it will be similar to PC's which havn't been upgraded in some time. Which is still more than double what the 360/ps3 has.

I still have a 9800GT and will be getting a new gpu soon... So their statement did have a small amount of accuracy to it.

PirateThom4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

After years of "graphics don't matter" from Nintendo fans, why do graphics suddenly matter so much?

Fact: Graphics do matter to some degree, but it's not enough to invest in a new platform getting ports of current gen games that will be out months/years before the new console since anyone who has more than a Wii will have played or, at least, had the option to play these games...

Knushwood Butt4582d ago


Didn't even see your post until after I posted something along the same lines.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr34582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

Ah, pirate, you as a ps3 fanboy should no better than to generalize. In all honesty, you seem intimidated by what could be, Nintendo being able to(if they wanted) boast having the most powerful console on the market. And even if Nintendo fanboys were saying such a thing, it is more in line with what Nintendo needed to do to survive in the industry. Nintendo had always been consistent with power, in what would be considered industry standard--up until they introduced Wii. If Nintendo would've stayed in the "arms race", they might not have existed today, definitely not in the capacity that they are today.

PirateThom4582d ago

I'm not intimidated at all, I just think it's ridiculous to have a console launching with games that will be old and on other platforms and boasting about the graphics of said games.

Knushwood Butt4582d ago

Games on Nintendo systems are all about teh gameplay, and not graphics!!!

We all know this. It's also a great line to use as damage control when people point out how unimpressive 3DS and Wii games look.

Suddenly though, it doesn't seem to apply to the Wii-U.....

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charmer4583d ago

its not hard to imagine wiiu matching pc level graphics....nintendo needs to be careful and not try to satisfy graphics freaks and bring the wiiu out for 400 dollars or more