Splitfish FragFX Dominates in CoD4

Readers may recall IGN's review (link) of the Splitfish FragFX controller for the PlayStation 3 from a few months ago. The rather interesting controller replaces the typical analog stick with a mouse, allowing for PC-like precision on a console.

The advantage is apparently considerable, as today Splitfish sent word that a member of the Splitfish team, DennisD, has risen to the top of the world rankings in Call of Duty 4 on the PlayStation 3 by playing with the FragFX. Perhaps equally impressive as the total kills figure in the screen cap, DennisD's Kill / Death ratio is a dominating 4.09, which would seem to allay concerns that the company has simply had people play the game continuously since launch to rack up kills.

What outcry this may stir among PlayStation 3 owners who play with normal controllers remains to be seen.

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Arkham4000d ago

Well, I *was* waiting for the Bluetooth version, but if I can still find one I might pick this up sooner than expected.

Especially with the high CDN $. Ha ha ha. Heh. Oh yeah.

DiabloRising4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

I honestly wouldn't bother dude. I tested one out for a week and promptly returned it. The construction is shoddy, the buttons unresponsive, and frankly many console FPS games just aren't made for mouse support. You basically have to choose between being able to aim well, or being able to pull a 180 degree turn. Try drawing a circle with the mouse and you end up with a hexagon.

Your mileage may vary, but as a longtime PC/Console FPS player, I was sorely disappointed. Don't waste the $$$$.

To Smokey - Yes, on a PC game designed for a mouse, pulling a 180 is easy. Pulling a 180 on the Frag FX with its tiny pad and horrid settings equates to literally picking up and moving the mouse a good 2 or 3 times. It's just a horrid device, as CONSOLE FPSs aren't designed with a mouse in mind. What I meant by the circle bit was that the movement was jumpy/jittery, its not a 1 to 1 like on the PC.

SmokeyMcBear4000d ago

are you serious? pulling a 180 with a mouse is a thousand times better and easier than using a rectangle, you actually make a circular motion to do a 180.. dude, you go just go left.. draw a circle.. thats funny.

jackdoe4000d ago

Shouldn't help you too much.

games4fun4000d ago

that the guy might just be legitimately good? i think no matter what he was using he would have destroyed everybody.

vaan4000d ago

I saw some splitfish named guy last night and he was destroying. I am a mouse and keys guy myself. I was holding off on the fragFX though because I heard it was crap, but maybe its good?

shodown194000d ago

I'm thinking that it's one of those split decision opinions. Half of them love it, and half of them dont. I kind of want to check it out myself, but I dont want to spend the high dollar amount for it.

Blabbermouth4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Its not supposed to be perfect at emulating a mouse. But from what I've heard the FragFX is the closest to emulating a mouse out of the other devices that are out there(also from the videos I've seen on youtube it seems to do a lot better job than the XFPS pro).

All the problems like slow turning,weapon selecting in Warhawk and the buttons not being sensitive enough have apparently been fixed by the patch they've released. That you update your device with.

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