Official: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Explosives Do Less Damage

Robert Bowling, Modern Warfare 3's Creative Strategist, has revealed that explosives in Modern warfare 3 have been rebalanced.

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-Alpha3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Good, and not surprising to hear. Black Ops, MW1, and WaW never had a huge explosives problem. MW2 was the only game in the series that had the most mind-baffling worst balancing decisions I have ever seen in any video game

So this is pretty much common sense.

MW3 needs to strip down perks and mechanics. MW2 focused too much on overpowering every single thing to make everybody super-soldiers: infinite run, mega lunge, extra damage, no recoil, etc. What's sad is that once MW2 did "pro perks" other games started copying this idea. It's a terrible mechanic that doesn't properly consider balance in the long run

I want MW3 to keep it simple

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theonlylolking3488d ago

Black ops had almost no explosive damage. They take out danger close but nerf explosives! MW2 had explosive damage perfect without danger close but because people only want to get killed by a bullet they nerf it.

Motorola3488d ago

"Black Ops, MW1, and WaW never had a huge explosives problem." WHAT?! MW1 had insane explosive problems. Martydom (SP?) Frag x3, and the grenades FLEW across the map. Same with WaW. Recently in BO, I've been getting killed so much by grenade launchers. but thats just me.

-Alpha3488d ago

Yeah but you had juggernaut. Frag x3 was hella annoying as was martydom, but at least I could survive it.

In MW2 you had no chance in hell.

Criminal3488d ago

@Motorola Frag x3 was the worst. Damn, remember shipment.

Motorola3488d ago

Yes and Wetwork? That was TERRIBLE.

Criminal3488d ago

@Motorola yeah I mean Wetwork. Sorry, I got them mixed up.

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BlueRevolvuR3488d ago

MW2 explosiveness to the max=

Liquid_Ocelot3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

how fucking annoying they sound.. jeez i fucking hate people like that XD

sick explosion lol

Hufandpuf3488d ago

The more like MW1 MW3 is, the better the game will be, but until they balance out the game, I'm not buying.

LadyGaga3488d ago

If everything is overpowered, that means the game is balanced.

starcb263488d ago

Black ops had terrible explosives. You could shoot your RPG a foot away and it wouldn't kill them.

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MGRogue20173488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

... And that's supposed to be a good thing? I enjoy noob tubing. :(

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