Top Five - Most Overrated Games of All Time

SFL Chronicle: This new article is going to cause a lot of dissent, because nobody really likes hearing that their favorite games in the world are “overrated” or flawed. So take this article for what it is: what I personally feel are the five most overrated games of all time. The games do not necessarily have to be bad, just overrated. What counts as overrated? Either games that sold more than I think they should have, or games that got obscenely high reviews I felt they didn’t deserve, or a combination of both. Keep in mind that these are all opinion based, so you’re welcome to strongly agree or disagree, or even agree to disagree altogether.

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Pikajew4434d ago

Did I read the title correctly?

GSpartan7774434d ago

Standard way to get hits for you site. Write a top list of overrated games and include some of the most successful games in gaming history in it.

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DragonKnight4434d ago

You can tell that this is for hits more because of the picture along with the title. It's pure flamebait because everyone says FFVII is overrated in articles like this.

TekoIie4434d ago

I completely agree with the atricle, Half-life 2: OVERRATED GTA4: OVERRATED.

The_Devil_Hunter4434d ago

I dont know about Half Life 2 but GTA4 FOR SURE was the most overrated game i have ever played.

Kanji084434d ago

I believe Jim Sterling accurately summed up everyone who calls a game "overrated":

To say something is overrated is to say that it does not deserve its critical success and that those who remember it fondly are injecting their memories with a little too much fondness. Oftentimes, I find the term "overrated" an arrogant one, as you're implying somebody else should tone down their appreciation of something because you don't care for it. Much of the time, I think the term betrays intellectual cowardice, as some people just want to say that they dislike a game but use "overrated" to dress it up and artificially make their personal opinion look like part of an objective, factual statement.

TruthbeTold4434d ago

That's all fine and good Kanji, plenty of truth there, but that's not all there is to it. Sometimes people don't see past the hype until the hype is over. When something is new, it deserves the acclaim in those people's minds, but then later after emotion dies down, time passes, and perspective is gained, a game is seen more for what it actually is. And yet, the initial review scores, and acclaim and 'Ratings' remain.

MaxXAttaxX4434d ago

Just.... overrated.

And where's Halo 3?
2 and Reach were better.

KING_KAI4434d ago

halo 3 comes with 4 player co-op, map editor, theater, matchmaking, balanced multiplayer, actually takes skill to be good at. the biggest FPs's of this year doesnt come with the features H3 has.

stu8884434d ago

Calling some of these games overrated is a sin. HL2 and GTA3 were a revolution in gaming. HL2 brought physics to another level and is one of the best games ive ever played. GTA3 brought sandbox games to a new level and brought much gaming to the masses.

To say bioshock 1 and 2 are better than HL2 is a joke. To compare elder scrolls with GTA3 shows the guy doesn't know what he's talking about.

GTA4 in my opinion is brilliant, there are some haters but the gritty realism of it was awesome. Its the little details in this game that make it what it is in my opinion.

He then says Red Dead Redemption is an overrated game? what is this guy on?

paintsville4434d ago

Crysis 2, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 1, ODST (Aweful),GT5, Darksiders. Just to name a few.

JohnnyMann4204434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

Wow... this many people care about the opinion of what amounts to a blog post?

Id say the Author did her job then.

I 100% disagree with the choices though.

GTA 3 was not overrated when it came out (if anyone remembers) The series really started to take off in VC and SA. GTA 3 didn't beat sales numbers initially.

Also putting GTA 3 and IV in the same top five list is just sh*tty writing and laziness.

bozebo4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

Here's my opinion:
Metroid Prime: never played it
Sonic Adventure: never played it but it is probably turd compared to the 2D ones
HL2: A brilliant game, I don't understand why the author thinks it has no enemies; perhaps he's too bad at games to get far enough through to where the big action happens...
GTA3: Amazing game, author is a dumb idiot
GTA4: Slightly overrated... only slightly. It was a fantastic game but nowhere near as good as San Andreas or Vice City (almost nothing is). It had some huge design flaws which don't normally come from Rockstar's offices... regardless, it is one of the best games of this gen.

Here are some overrated games:
Bioshock, it is fantastic, but loads of people have no idea what system shock was - bioshock is basically a remake with a different theme but the gameplay and depth is like a paddling pool when compared to system shock's oceanic rift.

BC2, seriously; are people blind to the bugs? Other than that: the map design is totally horrid and the game is designed purely for grenade, rocket, c4 & noob tube spam... I just stand at the back and snipe with the UMP or PPSH (to avoid the random explosive spam) because for some reason they are 100% accurate at crazy ranges. And half the guns in that game feel soggy and rubbish.

CoD MW2 and BO: the usual, they are just CoD but with more bugs, less balance and worse maps. CoD 1, 2 and 4 were the best and W@W was good.

TF2: I don't understand tf2 at all... whatever it is, it isnt a first person shooter. I am good at it (because my aim is generally good) but it annoys me when people take several headshots to die - because you are forced to take damage yourself that you earned the right to avoid by headshotting the enemy instantly.

L4D 1 and 2: The guns feel horrible, I would like guns in a game to actually feel like they are shooting when you pull the trigger. Try playing killing floor if you think L4D is good and you will be blown away.

The Witcher 2: SO MANY BUGS. And the voice acting is still terrible for 90% of the characters. Also it was a lot smaller than I was expecting :( probably because they had to make it fit on the 3shitsty's tiny little DVD. Combat, story etc. - all great though.

Portal 2: Tried playing portal 1? It's a million times better.

There you have it... genuine opinions. It annoys me when a game is amazing but there are small things (bugs, grenade spam, bad maps, lack of content) that make it half as good as what it could be. I didn't have to make a stupid hit farming article to point out my opinions.

SonyPS3604434d ago


How can you say any of those are over-rated or better than the other when none of them are even out yet?

You don't do the stereotype for COD fans any favours, you idiot.

Pixel_Pusher4434d ago

Mass Effect 2 was alright but in MHO overrated.

MaxXAttaxX4433d ago

You make it sound as if those features were new...
I still stand by my opinion. I'll also add ODST as well.

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KFox1094434d ago

@GenoZStriker: Or maybe they just actually find the games to be overrated?

sprayNpray4434d ago

or maybe you posted this article (and many others from this site) because you wrote it and don't like getting called out for the hit troll you are.

Who approves this b.s. anyway?

jp02491074434d ago

Sooooo you're saying you're the equivalent of those hipster idiots that only listen to bands that no one else has heard of? And that you only like games that everyone else hates and you don't like ones that are actually classics?

Your parents didn't love you enough did they? Don't worry man! The WORLD LOVES YOU!

seinfan4434d ago

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consolez_FTW4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

@ SprayNpray
Great way to call that hit troll out man.
I love when trolls get in the spot light.

Kurt Russell4434d ago

I'm amazed by the amount of people who actually give a shit. If you don't like top 5/worst 5 articles... It is fairly easy for you to avoid them.

As it happens for the most part I found the aforementioned games to be a little over rated too.

SonyPS3604434d ago

Only 1 or 2 of them were worthy of being called "over rated" for any reason.

The rest were genre defining, unique or deserved all the praise they got.

This is hit-bating and the N4G community fell for it, as usual.

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Gray-Fox-Type04434d ago

says who?


seinfan4434d ago

You're one of the people that approved it. Don't act surprised.

metsgaming4434d ago

Completely agree with gta4 but completely disagree with gta3. Replace gta3 and put cod at the very least. The others i dont care to comment on but there are other games to change those out with

Maester074434d ago

I stopped reading after I saw Metroid Prime.

Also this article has jumped to the top of the hitlist....

Gen0ne4434d ago

I know right? Metroid Prime?!? Are you f'n kiddin' me?

Obelisk924434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

Metroid Prime 1 is tedious as hell.

I played it last year in the MP Trilogy, it was so slow it was painful to play.

You know, it could have been better by just introducing teleports between save points (for example) to make it faster, but naah. Let's just have the pumped graphics.

I managed to beat it in... 3 months I think. I couldn't play more than 15 minutes in one sitting.


Kleptic4433d ago

I thought MP was great at the time, as Super Metroid is easily one of my all time favorite games...

MP stuck to the formula pretty well...as half of the game is simply back tracking and figuring out what to do with your upgrades...and there were still memorable boss battles...

but even in 2003 or whenever it released...that type of gameplay was already heavily dated...

I think most people simply thought MP would be a first person shooter set in the metroid theme...and it was VERY far from that...I liked it as a fan at the time, but fully understood why many simply gave up on it...

lelo4434d ago

All games are overrated. No game is perfect. No game deserves a perfect 10.