Rumor: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Killstreaks

Net Media Now:
"The debut trailer of Spec-Ops, which was released earlier today, gave away some of the killstreaks that should be coming back to Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer. I can't confirm that these will be back, so consider this a rumor. However, by looking back at Modern Warfare 2's version of Spec Ops, almost all killstreaks in the Spec-Ops mode were the same as the multiplayer."

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Shackdaddy8363495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

As I understand it, You will have to throw smoke for the AC-130. Which is a whole lot more balanced than controlling the thing (although I would miss controlling it first-person)...

jdfoster003495d ago

This HAS NOTHING to do with mp. How many times to the devs have to say this!!!! This is all SP! And it's 'TOTALLY' different from what mp is. Only thing that was shown and is in mp is the end bit. And the obvious ones

Echo3073495d ago

I don't remember spec-ops having killstreaks in MW2. Then again, it has been awhile so maybe I just don't remember.

Either way, video looked great.

jetlian3495d ago

sniper mission in the snow had the predator

Criminal3495d ago

I hope the Pave Low is coming back; it was one of my favorites high killstreaks.

GSpartan7773495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Awww fuck AC 130 and Chopper Gunner. Two of the many killstreak I hate. The rest I have no problem with, but LOL! Dogs with explosive tags. PETA will be on that shit very soon.

Kobe Bryant3495d ago

They should just go back to cod4 style with 3,5,7

Echo3073495d ago

I'm sure there will be a playlist that supports this, just like in previous games.

DFresh3495d ago

Once again it's unbalanced.
I'm not surprised though gotta appeal to those casual players after all.
F*** MW3!
On to BF3 where I belong.

TheDarkness3495d ago

My avatar pic says it all :)

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