Thoroughly Underrated Games You Probably Should Play – 12. STALKER

Newbreview.com's Richard Burley shares with us another underrated gaming gem, S.T.A.L.K.E.R for PC.

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bjh0894732d ago

agreed the whole stalker franchise is amazing especially with the complete mod for each game. Can't wait for stalker 2!!!

LNDCalling4732d ago

Ugh.. I probably should, I bought Stalker SOC Limited Edition Tin for PC and then bought that and CS on a Steam deal ages ago but still haven't got round to playing either all the way through yet! :/

Theo11304732d ago

Is still say Shadow of Chernobyl is better than Call of Pripyat.

swinesucker4732d ago

You guys really need to dl the main game mod for stalker. It is a whole entire redoing of the game, killing bugs, new music, etc. Find it on mod db and you will never go back. It completely revitalizes the game. Done by professionals as well.


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Review - S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky should be seen as an expansion rather than a full prequel, but it is one that fans will enjoy nonetheless.

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STALKER 2 Is Delayed to Q1 2024, Says Official Fact Sheet

The official fact sheet of STALKER 2 reveals that the game has been delayed again and will launch in Q1 2024 for PC and Xbox Series S|X.

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shinoff2183335d ago

Makes sense really. Aren't these the Ukrainian devs ?

Alexious335d ago

Yes...But the release date for the game was already set to December 2022 before the war began. It was supposed to be nearly finished.

shinoff2183334d ago

The war isn't exactly over

Tacoboto334d ago

The war began in February 2022 - invasion of Ukraine was February 24th, 22. You're missing an entire year, Alexious.

Lightning77335d ago

The rumor was December but hey talk all the time they need no rush.

Alexious334d ago

It's not like we don't have enough games in the meantime.

got_dam334d ago

Right?! August and September are absolutely stacked. Ill be working through BG3 until Q1 2024 at this rate anyway.

z2g334d ago

All things considered, I think we can give them a free pass here.

334d ago