Midnight Club: LA - A behind-closed-doors look at Rockstar's open-world racer

Rockstar's RAGE engine has been put to great use, and as the car was thrown into vomit-worthy turns, the camera dropped and zoomed to the car's side. Excitement is a key word in LA. The crashes are every bit as impressive as those found in Burnout, although you'd do well to avoid smashing your car - incur too much damage and you'll not only suffer a penalty but the quick-fix will leave behind a shoddy paintjob and unfinished bodywork. Despite bundling into an oncoming car, our guide made clever use of the slip-stream boost to slingshot past the lead and snatch victory last bend-style.

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MK_Red3998d ago

Have to disagree with the article on crashes. MC:LA crashes may be spectacular but they can't be as good as Burnout's.

Danja3998d ago

I agree..but this game was never known for it's crashes so im sure Rockstar isn't really focusing on making spectacular crashes....this Franchise is great street Racer...Burnout = best arcade racer....NFS: um Franchise suffering from an identity crisis...

MK_Red3998d ago

OMG, you read my mind. Bubbles for you.
That is exactly what I think about MC, Burnout and NFS. MC3:Dub was seriously awesome and in the end, MC is the best street racing game out there. Burnout is the best in arcade.
NFS is trying too hard to be like both Burnout (Crashes in new ProStreet) and MC (Slo-mo and other effects) and in doing so, NFS has almost lost it's identity.

Danja3997d ago

yeah but for some reason NFS end up selling well...umm except Carbon that was a flop in every area...including on the charts..

Ri0tSquad3997d ago

was ok........I'm not a big fan of the series.

Dogswithguns3997d ago

be so awesome. I see it coming already.

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