Nintendo Vs. Sega: The Console War - Part II

Following up on the first half from two weeks ago, AMN presents the second half of the complete historical retrospective of the Nintendo/Sega console war of the early 1990's.

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PS360WII3998d ago

Good part 2. 16-bit gaming was the best and has the best library of games.

DeckUKold3997d ago

no wonder why 3rd parties ran away after nintendo tried to turn things around with the genesis and nintendo need to learn to bring they hardware out ON TIME other wise the ps2 wouldn't be the most successful console EVER and M$ Sony and Ninty need too attack each other like that it would be very entertaining

va_bank3997d ago

I was waiting for part 2 - I thought they forgot about it. wery-well written.

jcgamer3997d ago

"But without this, some of the greatest games ever made might not have come to be. It was this fierce competiton that spurred each company's developers to work at the peak of their ability. It was that competitive spirit that forced new game ideas out into the open, and pushed existing ideas to boundaries that in some genres, remain as of yet surpassed. Gamers profited from it, and the industry profited from it. So who won the war - Nintendo's marginal victory in terms of sales or Sega's victory of destroying Nintendo's reputation? If you take away all the corporate espionage, neither of them won. In fact, it was the gamer who won. With the level of competiton that took place in those years, gamers saw some of the greatest hits of all time. Competition inspires greatness, as they say..." -Lucas DeWoody, author

goodganja3997d ago

Sony = Nintendo

Micro$hit= Sega

Micro$hit's tactics are so similar to Sega that it's eerie. I'm expecting their fall off by 2009.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

darthv723997d ago

It is no suprise that we are living in the 90's again with the 360 vs PS3 war mimicking the "world console war II" between Sega and Nintendo. The battle lines are pretty much the same and even the tactics used by both sides are following history to the "T".

Yet this "WCW III" may have a different outcome than that of the past. It can mostly be attributed to the generation of the systems this time around. To understand what I mean you simply need to look at the combatants from the past "WCW I" (atari, coleco, etc) as well as those from WCW II (Nintendo, sega, etc) and see the number of systems each company produced, which generation system was their height, and which generation system was the beginning of their descent.

It has been shown by systems in the past that the 2nd gen system is where the height of a consoles popularity peaks as both the brand recognition and the system itself. If they are able to make it through to creating a 3rd, that is where the decline of the brand begins to take form. Making it to a 4th can pretty much guaranty that success will be few and far between as compared to the 2nd gen iteration.

Looking at the 360 and PS3 and using the logic stated above you will see that the 360 is only a 2nd gen system for MS and the PS3 is a 3rd gen for Sony. The height and popularity of the Playstation brand has been (and probably will always be) the PS2 (a 2nd gen system for Sony). You also have to understand the "sequel" analogy of if there is a sequel it has to be better than the first. Rarely does that happen and even more rare does a 3rd outdo the 2nd.

More examples of this analogy would be the 2600 was the 2nd gen system to the PONG which was Atari's first. The 5200 was 3rd and 7800 was 4th, Jaguar 5th. The last three being failures in their own respects.

SNES 2nd, NES 1st with N64 3rd being somewhat successful but nowhere close to the SNES. Gamecube is the 4th and in a strange but true turnaround you have the overly popular Wii as their 5th.

Sega had the Genesis as their 2nd gen system to the Master System being 1st. The saturn was the official 3rd gen and Dreamcast is the 4th. I am hopeful there will be a 5th (rumored to be called Phoenix for creative naming). There were a number of additions during the Genesis time but none were true "generational" systems including the 32x.

Sony has the PS2 2nd gen to the PS1 1st gen and is now in that "3rd time may NOT be the charm" situation with the PS3. The developement of a PS4 depends solely on the outcome of this 3rd gen system.

Sorry for the long read but you see I speak from experience and I use logic and reasoning. Something REALLY lacking from the droves of fanboys (no offense...but still true) that troll this site. Anyone who has been through the ups and downs of gaming since its inception will agree with me that this generation has no idea where the roots of great gaming really came from.

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