Life After the Red Ring of Death: A Story of Survival

In an attempt at humor, Myarcadeplanet writer, Jeremy Bergen, details his struggle with the Red Ring of Death.

"With a loud mechanical beep sounding straight from bowels of technology hell, my Xbox blinked back at my unbelieving eyes the three red bars of death. Oh the humanity! I fell to my knees and cried out to the video game gods in vain, "This is my darkest hour! How could you betray me?" Everyone has a story. This is my story of RROD survival."

Read on for the whole 21 day tale.

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kalistyles3994d ago

it happens again. Day 22. Red ROD strikes again! Curses you XBOX 360! May you never strike down on me again! I swiftly got into my car and sped straight to the nearest Game Stop. Not taking a moment to think I asked the clerk, "PS3 NOW, and throw in that Call of Duty 4 game also." Ching, ching, clang, clang. "That will be 460 dollars", says the clerk. Thats it! What a deal! And I get Blu Ray! I quickly race home faster than I arrived at the store hooking up my system in world record time. Heart beat slows down, an aoura circles my head and an enourmous glow surrounds my PS3. I truly am now where I should be. A comfortable chair, a sick game, and not a thought of a broken down machine. The god's from above were looking down on me, and they are PS fans. May I live the rest of my life in pure satisfaction. Hehe!!

illizit3994d ago

don't forget to get your year subscription for Playstaion Network...oh, I forgot! It's free!

razer3994d ago

We should make a movie about you and call it "A Nerds Tale".

Jeesuz..I'm embarrassed just reading that..

Advice: Get a life.

razer3994d ago

going on 2 years now, let me kindly say STFU because nobody gives a crap about your 21 day tale..

It's funny I've had my PS3 for 9 months and it might as well be RRoD because it never gets played. When friends are over they push the PS3 to the back and out comes the 360 controllers..

tatical3994d ago

From someone who also has a PS3 & 360, you should probably sell your PS3 if you feel that way.

razer3994d ago

I know the PS3 has the potential that will soon be realized so I'm far from giving it up. =)

Charlie26883994d ago

Talking about RROD I wonder when my new 360 (3rd one) will be coming back >.>

Double-Edged3994d ago

you'll get it back before.

PS3 games actually start kicking in (delays)
PS3 gets rumble
PS3 gets home
PS3 has good versions of multiplatform games
PS3 gets ingame XMB

unlimited3994d ago crap out 360..while ps3 is getting games and increasin their library and 360 fanboy is sending their dead 360 to microsoft every few month

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