Games Radar: Five reasons why COD4 will make you soil yourself

Games Radar writes:

"Modern Warfare has broken out! Huzzah! No, we're not consequence-dismissing warmongers, just excited gamers looking for a (decidedly non-lethal) way to vicariously live out our our battlefield fantasies. Because Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is on sale, and it's amazing.

But wait, recruit, because - as you might have seen - this latest Call of Duty conflict is so intense it'll make flower-gathering, Pinata-breeding gentle gamers soil themselves in utter shell-shocked terror. Don't believe us? Here's five reasons why you'll need to have some spare kecks on hand..."


Warning: the article may contain spoilers.

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TnS3998d ago

I added the spoiler warning update on the request of ATLRoAcH.

perseus3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

It seems to me that while the cinematics and stories are much better, and even give enough to a game to make it worth the money, FPSs aren't a whole lot different than they were when we were playing Castle Wolfenstein.

Those scenes looked really cool, but didn't really have anything to do with gameplay. Rail shooting? Cutscenes? We've seen those before.

Destructible environments that are actually destructible, good AI to fill up slots in multiplayer, there are a number of things I have to see before I spend money on a console FPS. Even if the cutscenes do look really cool, I can just download them.

Syko3998d ago

Just play on Veteran. Call of Duty isn't the same game on any other difficulty. On Call of Duty 2 I soiled myself through the whole game. Although some parts are downright ridiculous on Veteran!

Lionsguard3997d ago

I've been playing on Hardened and that's hard enough -_- The 2nd-3rd level inside the computer room was so damn hard...

OOG FunK3997d ago

awesome game...wish it was harder and longer in single player veteran isnt as hard as cod 2.....but o well online rocks deff a must buy for anyone who plays console fps games