Top Five – Ambiguously Gay Duos in Gaming

SFL Chronicle: These are the couples that have been fueling the slash fiction of hundreds of thousands of squealing fangirls for decades now. In most cases it’s just a fantasy pairing, like when girls “slash” Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy together. In some cases though, you’d be hard pressed not to believe some of these characters are conically having buttsecks…

This article is about the top five ambiguously gay duos in gaming: hope you enjoy it!

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Dragunov3291d ago

No Gears of war? Fail list

limewax3291d ago

Yeah Marcus and Dom manage to bring up the phrase 'bromance' more than any other game duo come to think of it

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33291d ago

I've seen a lot of you drool over Sev and Rico, let's not forget to mention that also. I think the series is called Killzone, if any bystander was wondering.

limewax3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Not really sure why you even felt the need to include KZ, I could certainly pick out PS3 games too if it bothers you, just Dom and Marcus come to mind the most.

If I was to be entirely honest I personally hardly had any connection with the KZ cast to pick up any traits like that, I suppose in that way you could say I got more into Gears actually

Edit: actually until KZ3 I couldn't even remember their names

chidori6663291d ago

Fang and Vanille= yuri, vanille is seme and fang is uke... lol

CrescentFang3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Ugh this just reminded me of X Plays (I think that's their name) of MegaMan Maverick Hunter X... Though I've never thought of X and Zero that way lol

SPOILERS for MM Zero 3
The ending for Zero 3 is indescribable... at least do a brofist before leaving...

Pozzle3291d ago

Lol. It's funny Otacon and Snake were mentioned. I remember the first time I played MGS4, my mom (who isn't much of a gamer) was watching it and really getting into the story. Then after a while she started looking at the game with an odd expression and finally said, " Otacon in love with Snake? He seems to like him a lot more than that doctor lady."

Myst3291d ago

Technically can't you say female warden and Leliana, F. Hawke x Isabela, F.Hawke x Merrill, M.Hawke x Fenris, etc, etc...I've seen a lot of the F.Hawke x Isabela artwork on Deviantart and some stories.

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