So is PS3 a total bitch to work with?

Games Radar investigate the conflicting developer opinions surrounding Sony's box:

"We don't know. Of course we don't. We're merely humble gamers, lacking the enormo-brain capacity to even begin comprehending the intricate complexities of game development, so how would we have any idea whether Sony's PlayStation 3 is a complete bitch to make games for? We have to listen to the experts - the men and women that work on the gruelling frontline of game-makery. Only trouble is, the developer community is sending out a mixed message.

Indeed, conflicting developer opinion on the subject regularly makes headlines. Just this week Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward insisted that it hadn't had any problem working with the console, which seems to fly in the face of much of the perceived disgruntlement. So who should we believe?"

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Spike474088d ago

for starters who is the company that really had teh mostouble with the ps3 and began that whole buzz?


and who moved over there when that whole buzz about framerate issues and stuff started to come up?

PEter Moore.

The developers of GRAW2 , infinity ward, and a couple of otehrs have stated it's easy working with the ps3.

even the developers of kane and lynch.



jtmill074088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

I also remember reading a post earlier about Epic really happy about working on the PS3.

This is from Epics head honcho in the article...

I don't think the PS3 was any more of a challenge than any other new piece of hardware that we've used. Remember, we've been making PC games for years and the PC isn't one platform, it's hundreds of platforms. There's no two PCs that are completely identical in many cases. That's just the challenge of making games."

Danja4088d ago

I can't believe ppl are still talking about this..but yeah I agree with what you said...EA prefers quantity over quality...why is it that IW can make superb game for the PS3.and EA the biggest publisher in the world can't...??..Lazy @ass money hungry B!tches..!!

BrianC62344088d ago

The PS3 isn't really hard to develop for. It's different. The people who are complaining are the ones who have to take a finished 360 game and make it work on the PS3 with little time and resources. That's the dumb way to make a PS3 game. The whole industry knows now that you should make the game to fit on the PS3. The video RAM is smaller than the 360 but the RAM is faster. They can do more on the PS3 but a lazy port will look like garbage.

It's time for the crying developers to stop crying and tell their bosses they want to do it right. Either that or stay away from the PS3. I don't think lazy PS3 ports will end up selling that well. There will be plenty of great games to choose from. Stick to making crappy games on the Wii where nobody seems to care.

Bubble Buddy4088d ago

Not a total b*tch to work with. there is only two things holding the developers back.
1. Lazyness
2. $$$

ruibing4088d ago

Most developers liked working on the Cell architecture despite its higher than normal learning curve. We have third party developers like Level 5, Infinity Ward, Ubisoft, Activision, Insomniac, and sort even Midway.

The only ones that complained were the loudmouthed Gabe Newell, an ex-Harmonic developer, and the poorly skilled EA sports developers. I wonder how Gabe feels to be categorized in that group (I hold no love for Valve anymore after I bought a legit CD-Key for Orange Box from an Thai site but then got my account suspended because of that).

InMyOpinion4088d ago

Explain why the PS3 version of games gets delayed when the 360 version does'nt? Stranglehold, Graw 2, Orange Box, Skate etc.

Here's an article from PSM3 blog (clearly PS3 biased) posted in October stating some interesting stuff: http://www.computerandvideo...

"We'll talk about this more on the forthcoming podcast, but the key issue is simple: PS3 is harder to program for than Xbox 360; and Sony are harder (or rather, were harder) to work with than Microsoft. That's why Kaz Hirai banged on about reaching out to developers and making better middleware development tools at the Tokyo Game Show. Sony know they've got a problem, and have to work double hard to win back the hearts and minds of the developers who control their fate. Only recently, VALVE'S GABE NEWELL trashed PS3, while even GRANT COLLIER OF INFINITY WARD (whose Call of Duty 4 is identical on PS3 to Xbox 360, and a real technical show stopper) admits Sony are harder to work with, citing a clumsy technical problem feedback loop."

Then they go on bending the truth saying COD4 is better on the PS3(versions are identical as most of us have witnessed for the last days) and also that the PS3 version of Skate is slightly superior than the 360 version (if you call framerate drops an advantage it might be true).

"Microsoft provide developers with better support, and their console is 3-4 years into its life-cycle"

3-4 years? They must have gotten theirs very very early ;)

Gamespot-equals-EGM4088d ago

These damn developers just need to adjust. Hardware-wise, assymetric multi-core is the future.

godofthunder104087d ago

i'm tired of hearing about it was peter moore fault,the truth is that ea was just about finished with all the games when he got there and for sony fans to blame him is just stupid,the only reason that they blame him is because it gives them an excuse and they look for one every time something is said about the ps3 that isn't praising it.
i read one article where some one said that the majority of programers thinks that the ps3 is easy to program for,hell i like to know what article he was reading,the majority of programers that said the ps3 was easy to program for worked for strictly for sony making games and still the majority of programers said they hated it and it is difficult to program for.
to call people lazy is just pathetic,just because they said something bad about the system you like doesn't mean that they are fans also said that they are to cheap,well if i was a programer why would i put all my time into a system that isn't selling games when i could put my time into a system like the 360 that counts for over 50% of software sales.
this christmas is do or die for sony,if sony don't out sale the 360 then sony is in big trouble because as of right now the 360 is out saleing every system in software sales (the 360 counts for over 50% of software sales).if the 360 out sale sony this christmas(they will)then all the games that are exclusive to the ps3 might change because the game companies would have to make a discion,do they keep it exclusive to sony and loose money or do they port it over to the 360 and make money,if it was your company what would you do,hell it isn't a hard choice.
i've also read a post where someone said that a ff game will never be on the 360,well he's wrong,i've read an article and they are working on a ff game that is exclusive to the 360,not the one that's coming out because it's exclusive to the ps3 but a new one.
if you look at the facts you will see that this christmas is real big for sony and they need to out sell the other systems if they don't then things will get worse not better because like i've said before games like mgs4 and ff will have to be ported over to the 360 to make money for the companies because they are out to make money not be loyal to sony because if sony don't out sell the 360 this christmas and the 360 is already account for 50% of software sales then the 360 software sales would just grow and then companies that put out games like mgs4 and ff will have no choice but to put them on the 360 to make money instead of loosing millions.

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PS3 Limps on and on4088d ago

I need to add a * just to get it by. But the title of this article is allowed?

highps34088d ago

So I dont think being EASY to dev for is any better.

Only ones who seemed to have problems was EA, and they frankly shouldnt even be making games. If you are unhappy contact the BBB and file a complaint!

ruibing4088d ago

Obviously the 360 isn't hard to program on, especially in terms of porting between it and PC. It was made to be based on DirectX (hence the 'X'). It is simply a multi-threaded CPU with all the same I/O, this is why EA sports developers love the way they can just translate the code so easily. Then when it comes to the PS3 port, they simply use the PPE (a dual-threaded core), which obviously can't match up to the three dual-threaded core without the SPEs.

Nowadays, the only developers left whining are those who categorize themselves as childish, lazy, unambitious, and unskilled. In the meantime, both quality 1st and 3rd party developers have successfully made games that take advantage of the Cell prcoessor.

season0074088d ago

PS2 is a b!tch to work 7 years ago

they are just lazy devs...face it

BrianC62344088d ago

The real problem is EA doesn't give them the time and resources. They do seem like they're becoming a terrible company. At least Burnout on the PS3 should be great though.

achira4088d ago

brain you have a point here. i am sure ea has many talented developers, but when there is much pressure from every side, it cant go good.

InMyOpinion4088d ago

Lazy devs don't get to work for one of the biggest game companies, period. That whole 'lazy devs' thing is as far from the truth you can get.

jackdoe4088d ago

Should gamers care if the PS3 is a total biatch to work on if the end result is spectacular?

Syko4088d ago

"We don't know. Of course we don't. We're merely humble gamers, lacking the enormo-brain capacity to even begin comprehending the intricate complexities of game development."

That's a truly funny quote for around here. Try telling that to some of the unreasonable fanboys around these parts. Every last one of them is a game developer in their own heads.

DrPirate4088d ago

You win, that comment made me laugh alot, bubble for you man!

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