Preview - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

SPOnG writes:
"As demos go – this one went – it ended too quickly for my liking as I was immersed in the action, having got to grips with the grenades at least. The puzzles are not – at this point – puzzley enough to test anybody much above the age of four. The jumping can, for the most part, be done with one-hand (seriously). But the overall feel of UDF is of a game that has come together and that will bear deeper and more concerted play. "

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PS3 Limps on and on4048d ago

using the analog stick does the same thing.

This guy somehow managed to give Uncharted demo a bad review. Mostly talks about his mother and all his life issues but never talks about the game. Did he play the same demo we all played last night?

F*ck this game was impressive.

blusoops4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

it's weird that he had mostly good things to say about the game, but his overall tone was very negative!

All I know is this is a day one purchase for me, and the demo was very impressive! I loved shooting those pirates right before they threw a grenade, just to have it drop at their feet and blow up everyone around them! Pure awesomeness!

BrianC62344048d ago

I played all the way through the demo and I didn't notice any problems that he pointed out. It was a great demo.

wil4hire4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

I dont think he played...

and yes you can jump with 1 hand? its 1 button..


If a "puzzle" equates to finding a ledge to jump on, you guys are going to be shocked by the real puzzles. I don't consider that a puzzle, Thats navigating.

PS3 Limps on and on4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

You have to explore the scenery just a little to know what ledges to grab to in order to find your way to the next area.

But I thought it was masterful. After a while you can even press L2 for a hint and Drake looks in the direction your suppose to go or the objective your suppose to reach.

Beren4048d ago

He said that he didn't like it because it was too short . Err its a demo lol :O

lonestarmt4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

haha yeah I don't know how a guy who is writing about the game I'm most exicted about some how pissed me off, got me bored, and made me hate him in one preview. You can't jump with one hand. Look this guy isn't very deep, he says he hates story, and just like going in there and shooting stuff so I don't expect this guy to understand this game. Is this what sony haters are coming to on ps3 bashing and slandering to the point where you complain that the demo was too short?? I got the demo last night it took me 20 some odd mins to beat, thats pretty good for a demo. This guy has ADD and needs to go back to the music business.

BrianC62344048d ago

Maybe you didn't see them as puzzles because it wasn't like you had to stop everything and work on a puzzle. The puzzles are blending into the actual game. It's more like you figure out how to get from one spot to another. Like jump on this broken column and jump up on a wall.

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highps34048d ago

Seriously SPONG has always bashed the Ps3 just another reviewer that doesnt know wtf they are talkign about.

Go give another 360 game a 10 lame ass.

games4fun4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

it actually takes some skill to throw the grenades and is realistic nobody throws a perfect grenade all the time, i think its great that it has a learning curve the more you throw grenades with the sixaxis the better you get.

Does anyone else think that the AI is freakin ridiculously awesome when you play i know i do and i dont stink at video games, it was so hard sometimes i would go sh#t the first time i tried running in there it was awwesome. If i fire a gun shot that wizzes past thier head they move thier head around and duck so they dont get shot also someone did a baseball slide behind cover and i totally missed because of it. Also Drake uses his right or his left hand when hopping over cover randomly, also there was this awesome melee attack where instead of just punching he jumped and used both his legs and hit the guy in the face i was stunned at how awesome that was.

lonestarmt4048d ago

I"m glad you noticed that!! The AI is amazing. Its cool, unlike most games where you shoot at thier head while they are in cover and they just stay there. You actually feel like your in a real life dog fight.

pacman6154048d ago

i came to a part where there was a old cross with skeleton on it, he only looks at it , i dont know why he would focus on it , if it didnt do anything, maybe in the final game it will

Ashta4048d ago

Although I though the demo was awesome and that this will probably be a "first-day buy" I'll have to go ahead and say that the game demo left me with the "Heavenly Sword Syndrome" taste in my mouth.

Basically it showed you enough and then cut you the heck off....which sucked. I blasted through the demo in like 15 minutes and it pained me. Still..its a demo so why should I complain right? Right.

As for the game itself? I noticed something about the game and i'm sure other people will notice this too. *The scenery is for looks and should not be approached closely* What do I mean by this? Well, try and walk to the edge of the jungle and you'll see what I mean. The flora from afar looks lush and very detailed....upclose? not so much. There is an obvious line where the actual gameworld begins and ends. However, what was weird was the farther I got away from the side of the jungle the more detailed everything became. It was like draw distance in reverse!

Anyways, my only other complaint was the camera which will jam in to a wall if Nathan takes cover in an odd place.

The action? rock effin' solid and thats really what counts isn't it? The dialouge being shouted back and forth from the enemies and the AI pretty much spraying your area with bullets while you fend for yourself was just great. I even found myself dying a few times and I'm not novice to action adventure games. Overall gameplay? freakin' awesome.

As for the people saying it borrows from Gears of War? I know what you mean. Your speaking of the "duck and cover" OR "pop and lock" gameplay that Uncharted uses, and you would be correct. Uncharted does use the same successful gameplay that GEoW did. However, it is worth mentioning that GEoW actually borrow the pop and lock system from Killswitch.

So, anyways, great demo and cant wait for the end product.

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