Golden4Games: WWE '12 Preview

FINALLY the WWE experience you've been demanding has arrived THQ's flagship franchise in the WWE video game portfolio is reborn, delivering a completely rebuilt evolution of every aspect of the wrestling superstar experience. With new Predator Technology, an overhauled gameplay experience and new broadcast TV presentation that promises the most fluid, dynamic, authentic and action-packed WWE simulation experience to date, WWE '12 gives you more control over WWE than ever before.

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JohnnyMann4202846d ago

Will you stop submitting stories from this sh*tty site? It's translated poorly and runs slower than dirt. The site sucks and you can't read half the sh*t on it.

Seriously, knock it off.

punisher992846d ago

Lets go Cena! Cena Sucks! Lets go Cena! Cena sucks! Lets go Cena!

punisher992846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

lol I don't see now why all of a sudden CM Punk is a fan favorite. What happened to being strait edge. And not caring about what the fans wanted. :) But the WWE is so predictable anyway. CM Punk is gonna win the match with assistance from HHH. Even if HHH doesn't assist, CM Punk is still gonna win because he is the new and I quote "chosen one". For what ever reason.