Strike Suit Zero is a great looking space shooter for PC and consoles; to be unveiled on GamesCom

DSOGaming writes: "doublesix games, the award-winning independent studio creator of Burn Zombie Burn!, announced today Strike Suit Zero; a unique arcade space shooter in which players will fly a transforming fighter – known as a “Strike Suit” – as they battle to save the Earth. Strike Suit Zero will be digitally released on the PC and game consoles in early 2012."

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Godmars2902843d ago

Does it feel like its taken forever for basic game concepts like this to come out to anyone else?

zanzibarlegend2843d ago

YES! where the hell is a current gen Omega Boost from Polyphony Digital?

imagine Omega Boost running on PS3 hardware?

Quagmire2842d ago

Seems like a downloadble version of Starhawk. Will be keeping my eyes on this.