Sony rolls out ID theft protection program for the rest of Europe

PSU: Sony Computer Entertainment has started rolling out their identity theft protection program for the rest of Europe.

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gamingdroid2847d ago

Wow... that is kind of slow. This was done ages ago in the US, in fact to the extent that the voucher is no expired twice! the voucher originally expired at the end of June, but was extended until end of July for the US.

What is up with SCEE? They are always so slow and badly managed compared to the US one.

GrieverSoul2847d ago

In the US you can sue a person for wearing pink in a restaurant if that offends you in same way. If you go to court you might get a few thousand dollars from it.

A little over the top, I know. But US just loves John Doe versus Big Ass Company and SONY had to cover its tracks in case someone ID got stolen.

gamingdroid2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

It's ridiculous that any lawyer can essentially bankrupt you with cost of only a stamp. The original intention of the law was to allow the little guy to stand up against the big corporations and over the years it has been abused.

I paid loads of money in insurance to protect my assets, because of these parasitic @sshole lawyers suing everything and everyone and the corrupt government is allowing it.

That said, what does this have to do with how badly SCEE is managed?

Lucreto2847d ago

Well the US is one country Europe is 25+ countries each having there own laws on the matter. It would take time to get all the legal work in order.

DJMarty2847d ago

@Lucreto - Exactly, the 25+ coutries have ther own laws and different languages, makes things rather difficult to roll out quickly.

Octo12847d ago

We just got it in Canada as well.

Agriel2847d ago

yeah starting to hear reports that Canada is just now getting this also.

Super Taru2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

how can i be sure that my personal information that i give to CSIdentity won't be used against me as well? For example, hypothetically speaking, i could be sued just because i'd download tv shows via torrent or digital songs from all those sites that give them for free. Wouldn't be possible that CSIdentity, which is monitoring my e-mail and mobile phone activity, could use all those data against me? I was just wondering. I'm not making any accusations--i don't criticize that company and its work. I feel threatened by letting them watching every move i make. I don't know...

Agriel2847d ago

not sure that is exactly how it works man, pretty sure they keep track of sites that sell user information and stuff like that. They will also help you recover your ID if it does end up getting stolen

Super Taru2846d ago

I hope you're right. If their access is limited only to tracking those malignant sites and the warning/recovery of the stolen (or altered) information, then i guess it's alright.

But just to get myself clear on this: I'm not worried about what they tell us that they're protecting us from. I'm worried about the things that they would not tell us that can harm me or anybody else for that matter, if they use it for their own purposes. Anyway, i sound like a madman who believes in conspiracy theories, i know. I mean, this could happen to anyone through Facebook as well (even though you choose what info you're giving in that particular social network). I guess, it's my first time i've been offered protection from a threat i've been ignoring. It's just that from putting things down and giving a well thought to it, i think i lose more by letting them monitor my e-mail activity in a 24/7 basis than potentially lose any personal information irrelevant to the general public.

Anyway. If what you say is true and they just track sites for selling my info in order to prevent something like that, then i have nothing to worry about. I guess, if i put any more thought into it, i'll turn into a paranoid for sure. ^_^;

andron2846d ago

Guilty conscience? lol

I don't think the service works that way though. From what I have read on their site they have automatic software that check known illegal sites, forums and chat rooms to see if your submitted personal info shows up there. They also provide help and tips if your info gets into the wrong hands.

I don't download illegally so I signed up. It's free for a year, so why not...

Super Taru2846d ago

Well, besides wanting to sleep well at night, i feel that i lose the advantage of anonymity more and more each day it passes. I don't want to be a target that's all, cause it happens for you & me to live in the "information era", so basically anyone can do anything to us.

Unfortunately, if i want to utilize the things that internet offers nowadays, i can't stay anonymous. so automatically i get exposed to any potential threat. the threat might not be about things i deserve, but it could also be for things that i don't. that's why i've been overreacting to this extend. but, eventually, you'll tell me: "you knew the risks the moment you gave for the first time your personal information". so, yeah, why am i reacting now to all this? i guess, i have come to a late realization...

andron2846d ago

Well I get what you are saying. With all the hacking and information we leave behind on the net it's no wonder we get a little suspicious about such things.

Basically I decided to not download anything illegal. It makes it easier to have a clean conscience about such things. I haven't go much income, but I have found ways to get what I want legally. Like Lovefilm and trading in games, so i don't feel I'm missing out...