BioShock for PS3, More MGS PSP & Sonic in 1UP's Quatermann Rumors

1UP writes:
"It's Friday and we're all still reeling from the news that NPD numbers won't be gracing us in the weeks ahead, but as the latest issue of EGM falls into subscriber hands, the Quartermann's able to bring you the latest rumors. And lest we forget, Quartermann was right on the money about Bionic Commando.
This month, an old rumor resurfaces in a new form, as BioShock is apparently back on for PlayStation 3. Previously, it'd been speculated that Microsoft tied up 2K Games' aquatic adventure as an exclusive, but there's a change in the tide, as the world rapture may be Cell-enabled in 2008, after all."

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Danja4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

HMMM interesting...Bioshock on the PS3...!!..i'll pass

i'll take Uncharted and Assasins Creed over it..!!

Bladestar4048d ago

but they are completely different games! not even the same genre...
similar to if one says, "Ace combat 6? bahh.. I take forza 2 instead!"...

ohh wait... nevermind... you are a sony fanboy. you will never admit you want a game currently exclusive on the xbox 360.

Danja4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

ok dude I seriously can't [email protected] wait to finally play a once xbox exclusive on my PS3..NOT..!!

trane0074048d ago

You shouldn't even be talking about ANYONE being a fanboy

MR "I personally hope that ps3 has a 40% failure rate. We need to think of a name to call it."

unlimited4048d ago

well i dont mind it coming and making the ps3 library of games bigger is a good thing..ill probaly buy it..but i do feeel like its a over hyped game..

SIX4048d ago

I don't think Bioshock will do well for the PS3. They should just consider Bioshock 2 as a multi plat.

ericnellie4048d ago

A good game should be judged by it's content! Not by what console it's on. If Bioshock came to the PS3, it would sell well -- or it SHOULD sell well. It was a great game...I loved it and all gamers should be able to experience it;)
Oh, and the "uncharted" comment...played the demo last night -- good game I might add;)

deeznuts4048d ago

Danja, I believe you can with Kane and Lynch ...

FF7numba14048d ago

lol if u have a good pc u can play

marinelife94048d ago

Sloppy Seconds? No thanks. My entertainment time is at a premium as it is. I'd rather spend my time playing whatever is new and fresh at the time rather than wasting it on a 360 port.

Same with Lost Planet.

QuackPot4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

But Assassins Creed(GOTY) more than Uncharted.

Bioshock is a great game but is too damn short and the gameplay is repetitive. In retrospect I should've just rented it not bought it. Definitely not a 10/10 game.

But if the rumour does turn out true, I'm guessing it'll be longer due to BD.

UnasFortuna4047d ago

I really liked Bioshock, albeit very short as mentioned; however, it was originally already planned as a sequel. It will be a fine addition to the PS3 library if this turns out to be true. I will add this one to my library I am sure. I will leave my judgements on Assassins Creed and Uncharted until I actually play the games (demo pretty good on Uncharted though).

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lonestarmt4048d ago

hey I"m all excited for assasins creed and uncharted, don't get me wrong, but bioshock is a great game. I would be really exicted if this comes over to ps3! I wonder why this happened though?? Don't hate bioschock since it was on the 360! It would be a blow to MS, since maybe even mass effect 2 might be multiplatform now.

felman874048d ago

Your excitement will be well-paid come january

Shankle4048d ago

The way I see it, there are three reasons to get a 360 over a ps3. Gears of War, Bioshock and Mass Effect. Uncharted seems to have all that gears has but is better, so if this rumour is right, and if you're right about mass effect 2, then the 360 is pointless to me.

UnasFortuna4047d ago

How can you compare Gears to Uncharted? They are not even in the same category. Gears is probably the best EXCLUSIVE shooter on the 360 in my opinion (COD4 don't count...not exclusive). Uncharted is more of an adventure epic that has a subcomponent of a shooter but I don't think is classified as a true shooter. Granted it is turning out to be an awesome game, but not same categories.

RGTrain4048d ago

Why did I spend money on a PS3 and XBOX360 for the same games. This sucks, mark my words, there will be only one game machine in the not so distant future.

Qbanj694048d ago

agreed. Thats why i sold my 360, all good games are on PC too.

HarryEtTubMan4048d ago

Developers already can look the 360's first two years of sales with big hitting franchises and realize its not selling very well. The PS3 has all the 360 franchies except for HALO(whcih is horrible in my opinion as a 360 owner and Gear of War) See all these 360 fans talking shat means notinhg. And you arent gonna get the PS3 exclusves and if you do the PS3 will be ahead in sales by then. Its going to catch up... and I'm starting to think quick by what my freinds, brothers are saying. Everyone wants a PS3 all of the sudden. Good for Sony. And good for me being a soon to be PS3 owner.

Daishi4048d ago

"Developers already can look the 360's first two years of sales with big hitting franchises and realize its not selling very well." You must have missed the story about how 50% of EA's revenue came from the 360. It's ok you just need to catch up.

Jandre024048d ago

doeznt that just leave halo pgr as the big hitterz? excluive I mean. its starting to even out it...

power0919994048d ago

Just keep in mind it is coming to the PS3 after all the hype has died down.

I am sure it will still sell well, but not as well as it could have if it released at the same times as PC, and 360.

Oh well. Still a great addition to the library.

JIN KAZAMA4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

looks boring, maybe a rental if it comes to the PS3. I'll be having too much fun playing all the other great games on the PS3.


Gamefan124048d ago

I got it for PC and it is a great game, very good story and gameplay. Don't hate games just because they are on another console .. hate games because they suck.