In Defense of Jade Raymond, Producer for Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed

Jade Raymond, the producer of Assassin's Creed, appears quite regularly to promote the game; and with her comes a bit of controversy.Most gamers seem to think she should be sharing the spotlight with her fellow developers, while others think those gamers should shut up because she's hot. Gaming Today explores why Ms. Raymond draws such controversy.

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vgn244088d ago

Jade is an average chick who happens to work in gaming. It's as bad as the stupid "Frag Dolls". If you think Ubisoft isn't using this chick on purpose to gain attention from basement dwelling gamer dorks, you're stupid.

I'm not saying she's ugly, just not everything people make her out to be. I mean look at the pedestal people put Morgan "Man Jaw" Webb on.

Azures4088d ago

Please enlighten us, you must be banging 10s. That is to say if you could tone down the high pitched whine of the critical screeches that must be escaping your maw long enough for someone to consider giving you a second look.

Robeezy4088d ago

Haha i'm with you Shiro.

solar4088d ago

she is cute, hell i wouldnt kick her outta bed, but eh...she aint all that. i need to see her ass.... :D

solidt124088d ago

Morgan Webb? She's cool but Olivia Muns is on fire..

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gamesblow4088d ago

I find her complacent and boring... Like Sadie "ultraneko" only Jade is actually "somewhat" attractive and Sadie, sadly, is not..

goodganja4088d ago

In the chest area, Sadie wins. I'd wreck both of em down.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

ForROME4088d ago

Exactly if you put in another industry shes not as hot, its the gaming industry and the fact that shes decent looking shes a star of many dreams LOL, I am the IT manager for a Cosmetics Company Lauramercier, and she doesn't compare to chicks here.

Marceles4088d ago

"...while others think those gamers should shut up because she's hot"


SullyDrake4088d ago

When I get Assassins Creed in my PS3, I won't care who did what.

As long as the game get's played and the employees get paid, what's at fault?

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The story is too old to be commented.