10 Skyrim features we're terrifyingly excited about

OXM UK: "For optimum results, please read while riding a rollercoaster backwards, shovelling handfuls of Pro-Plus."

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dirigiblebill2843d ago

The audience made me crack up in that video. Literally everytime he sees another living thing, they're screaming "KILL IT".

RedDead2843d ago

Haha, it would be interesting though, to see how the village reacted, they barely wanted to show anything new though, Todd was even reluctant to show the water.

MAJ0R2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

I think he still wants that surprise factor to be present when you buy the game, he may want you to think that something isn't in the game (like the darkbrotherhood) so your surprised when u hear it is in the game and you get more excited

grailly2843d ago

I call that annoying and immature :)

Ch1d0r12842d ago

here is a link to the 40 min quakecon vid

Wizziokid2843d ago

"8. Running a lumbermill"

that's the one right there!

Cpt_kitten2843d ago

what no marriage? im looking forward to that, how its going to effect things for you like relations to other people or what people will think if she or he some "mysteriously" dies

but i would replace #10 throwing thunder storms at dragons with Dragon shouts all around, the new shout they showed in the demo where he went super fast through the pendulums of doom was amazing when he did it

Jdoki2843d ago

I may just be getting old, but reading the 'excited children trying to be funny' style of prose was just painful. I half expected a "Skyrim... hurr hurr, he said rim", joke in there somewhere.

On Topic: Skyrim looks great, a definite step up from Oblivion (not hard); I hope it outdoes Morrowind.

Kal8532842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Hurr Hurr, you said "rim". Lighten up dude. The whole point of playing videogames is to have fun with them and to indulge in your less mature instincts that probably wouldn't be acceptable in reality.

gnb20032842d ago

Jdoki, you're not alone. I must be getting old as well...

whydoyouask2842d ago

It's weird i can't stop drooling over Skyrim, but i feel nothing about Diablo 3...hmmmmmm.

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The story is too old to be commented.