Resistance 3 - Alice Springs Multiplayer Gameplay

Sony Australia has released a new Gameplay Video of Resistance 3. See the Alice Springs multiplayer map in action. This map brings the fight to the Australian Outback, as the Main Street of Alice Springs, Australia.

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zeksta2681d ago

They're really pulling out all the stops for this game, it looks amazing, and if it plays like Resistance 1, will be perfect! :D

EeJLP-2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

It doesn't play like R:FoM.

There's no freedom of movement (run in any direction to dodge attacks), the running is different (very shaky instead of smooth), there's ladders instead of vents, the kills come quicker (less time/shots to kill), we still haven't seen how any real objectives will play (CTF/Breach listed on beta stats page), there's killstreak rewards for unbalanced bonus powerups, there's mobile impenetrable shields, there's invisibility, there's Leapers that come out of people's dead bodies that can get out of hand to where you're shooting them more than actual opponents, there's only 8v8 max, there's no public custom game browser, there's no clan support beyond a tag (at least in the beta), in RFoM the two species play a bit differently but both have advantages and disadvantages (they're basically just a reskin in R2 & R3 besides a couple abilities), there's no target bombers, it has loadouts instead of spawning everyone on even terms (there's no weapon spawns), there's weapon and ability upgrades that give already more experienced players extra advantages over newer players, etc.

Anyone saying it's like R:FoM or 'returning to it's roots' has no idea what they're talking about. Obviously there will be a couple elements that might remind someone of R:FoM, but maybe 10-20% similarity at most doesn't equal 'returning to it's roots'.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2681d ago

1. player movement is something that changes and is very easy to adjust to and is not a big deal

2. "ladders instead of vents" HOLY SHIT WOW!!! GAMECHANGING!

3. there are objective based game modes

4. killstreak rewards and powerups dont do any killing. they make the game more fun but they dont directly kill, they only assist you. sounds balanced to me. (except the leapers which i agree is a stupid ability)

5.8v8 is fine, after 20v20 and 30v30 its a nice change for the resistance series and makes the action more personal

6. there was a game browser in r2 so im sure they will put it in r3

7. every game has loadouts. in my opinion weapon spawns were boring,

8. weapon and ability upgrades encourage players to customize their class to suit their playstyle which is a huge advantage over weapon spawns.

Multiplayer wise i think it looks like a much more improved, fun and more intrsting game than RFoM. more options and better customization.

When people say its going back to its roots i think they mean single player wise in which case i agree completely. multiplayer wise it looks different but better

Venjense2681d ago

At 8vs8 is has a better chance if making it to MLG.

That would be awesome!

More people than that and any chance is completely gone. MLG has stated that logistically, they can't feature games with large multiplayer numbers.

EeJLP-2681d ago

RedHot, you just proved my point.
1. You confirmed the difference.
2. You confirmed the difference, and yes it does change the gameplay a bit.
3. You said nothing I didn't say. I just said 'real' (as in active capturing, not standing near and playing localized TDM) objectives haven't been shown yet.
4. You can find an impenetrable mobile shield, invisibility, etc. fun all you want. That doesn't make it Skilled, Competitive, or similar to RFoM, which is what the comparison was.
5. 8v8 is in RFoM, it's just not constrained to that as a maximum player count.
6. You assume things that are already confirmed to not exist.
7. RFoM wasn't 'every game', which puts you way off topic of my comparison. You also show why fans of the original argue against gameplay elements in 2 and 3, because they're more generic and the franchise lost its personality and character.
8. You again confirm the difference between the two games. Your comment on upgrades is again off-topic of the comparison. I also don't see how it's an advantage vs. everyone spawning on even terms, and then customizing based on their play style from there (ie going to the sniper spawn, or an auger spawn, etc.)

Same as I said above. RFoM had 8v8. It just wasn't a limiting factor as it is in R3.

pixelsword2680d ago

Well, one thing's for certain:

This ain't the beta!

Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!

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Jury2681d ago

im excited part of the game is based here in Australia. i dont remember this happening before.

looks good too

Flashwave_UK2681d ago

Meh carbon cod copy kz2 for life/

belal2681d ago

i don't know about you guys, but i play resistance mainly because of single player. Online is fun too, looks like the online will be good like resistance 1 and 2.

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