Game Of The Year: BioShock, Halo 3, Mass Effect & Orange Box nominated in Spike's VGA

Yes, The Game Of The Year (GOTY) discussion is already beginning! Spike is hosting its 5th annual Video Game Awards this December in Las Vegas, and this morning the nominees were released on Spike.com. What's in contention for Game of the Year? Orange Box, Halo 3, BioShock, and Mass Effect.

cloud360-7th_account6042d ago (Edited 6042d ago )

Wer is God of War II. is that not supposed to be an awesome game... guess not.

but who would like a game like that. Full of gore, MURDERERS.

MK_Red6042d ago

Agreed. God of War 2 deserves to be GOTY nominee but so do Assassins Creed, COD4 and Super Mario Galaxy.

cloud360-7th_account6042d ago (Edited 6042d ago )

Well i have to admit i am a bit of a baby. Its not that i dont like games like that but.

My PS2 is in the living room downstiars, if my Mum and dad saw all of the gore and nudity in that game. They would kill me.

I wouldnt be able to buy a 18+ game again and they dont yet know that video game have that age system thing.... though i dont buy them anyway

Doppy6042d ago

Not only God of War but where is Assassin's Creed 9.5/10 Game Informer, Super Mario Galaxy 9.75/10 GI, Call of Duty 4 10/10 GI, God of War 2 9.75 GI, and plenty of other games.

Not to mention why is The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess up for Wii GOTY. By the time the show air it would have been out over a year.

BloodySinner6042d ago

Why? Because 3 of those titles are Xbox 360 games? - LMAO.

ruibing6042d ago

Why is Mass Effect on the list? It's not even out. That's like a movie winning the Oscars without anyone except some reviewers seeing it.

CrashSharc6042d ago

This is list is REALLY messed up and OBVIOUS that it is swayed by sponsors. Halo 3 for breakthrough tech!? really? Exactly what did halo3 do that was so breakthrough? 640p? and what the hell is the whole "Most addicting game fueled by Dew"??? If that isn't sponsor biased I don't know what is. BTW H3 appears on Mountain dew cans so I wonder who'll win :P

The_Engineer6042d ago

is the DEAD GIVEAWAY that the MS FUDfund is @ work here. No wonder Sony blacklisted "kotaku".

Gamespot-equals-EGM6042d ago (Edited 6042d ago )

This list is total bullsh!t, why are the all the games Xbox 360 exclusives (sans PC version; Orange Box isn't coming out for the ps3 until next year)? So the Xbox 360 is the only console with excellent games? LMAO, no way.

Obviously this panel is full of xbots. Pathetic and Sad.

SMG, COD4, Rachet and Clank and some others need to be on this list. Stop with the American-ethocentric bullsh!t already, geez.

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MK_Red6042d ago (Edited 6042d ago )

The list of Game Of The Year noms is exactly the list of Best 360 Games, lol.
But seriously, 360 titles lead the noms of VGA. Aside from Orange Box, the other 3 are 360 exclusives and only BioShock is available for PC.

Where are Assassins, UT3 and COD4? No Super Mario Galaxy!?
I also think they should have put Zack & Wiki among best of Wii as well as Assassins in graphics and tech category.

Sam Fisher6042d ago

is next year cuz its coming out next year

MK_Red6042d ago

I'm pretty sure that they said the PC version of UT3 will be out before christmas and there is hope for PS3 version coming out in 2007 as well.

QuackPot6042d ago (Edited 6042d ago )

Assassins Creed is clearly frontrunner for GOTY.

UT3, COD4, GoW2 & Super Mario Galaxy should be serious considerations.

Bioshock - which I've completed - looked & sounded great but was too short and gamplay was the same throughout. And if short length & same gameplay is no problem then Heavenly Sword should have been on the list.

Halo 3 - which I'm still playing - has no innovation and is merely a better looking version of Halo 2 with a few tweaks here and there.

The Orange Box should be considered due to it being the bargain of the Year - look at all the games you get.


Assassins Creed clearly pawns everything else....on innovation, graphics, hopefully gameplay. Bring on the reviews.

Ridiculous list.

jackfatal6042d ago

beside! how can they put mass effect before even playing the game?talking about M$ hype here!!

money buys people!! this M$ way of doing their business!! someone have to stop them!! they are destroying all entertainments in the world like this!

wil4hire6042d ago

Mass Effect?!?

How is a game that no-consumers have played yet going to possibly even be NOMINATED for GOTY?

Just because KOTOR was good!? Because it has pretty graphics for a polished up in-engine cutscene? While the rest of the game is empty??

I guess being able to have a conversation with a bot = goty..

I vote Bioshock. Since ive played it... and I doubt Mass Effect h as the sound design, i KNOW it doesn'thave the voice acting.. and all of those things tie together to make a great game. Thats what Hl2 & Bioshock have.

jjfunaz6042d ago

You say that Mass Effect Shouldn't be Nominated because its not out yet, But everyone wants Assasin's Creeds and UT3 (UT3 shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentance as GOTY) to be nominated as well.

While i don't really agree with the list your argument doesn't hold much weight

Keyser6042d ago (Edited 6042d ago )

how does it not even get brought up for Graphics Game of the year? Regardless of whether reviewers liked the genre or the style everyone remarked that it is one of the mor beautiful games out yet no love.

Why does the GOTY list have 3 shooters and an RPG Shooter in it? There is a lot of shooter love going on...

No love for Super Mario Galaxy for GOTY? Wow...

Hmmm...not feeling Kotaku's list.

mesh16042d ago

UT3 the version i played on pc was very very average if it goty iwud laugh and all reivewrs have mass effect and have played it thus its nominated cause in the close circle of gamer site they kknwo they game is awsome

Retro-Virus6042d ago

Hmmm...I see, no Uncharted on the list ??

Prejudice !!