5 Microsoft Games That Are Ready For An XBLA Remake

Halfazedninja writes: Microsoft Game Studios used to put out some really killer games a few years ago before they started scooping up other development houses. MGS really is more of a publisher now but they have some franchises that haven’t been seen in years that would be awesome to see again and XBLA is the perfect place to relaunch them. Here’s my personal top five of the games that I would love to see remade.

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RaymondM2844d ago

Mechwarrior MADE Xbox live for me when it came out. It was the coolest experience of online gaming at the time, and I would love to see another mechwarrior game

Bathyj2844d ago

I clicked on this link just to see if Crimson Skies was there.

Finally a bit of love.

Why do M$ insist on pumping out unimaginative sequel after sequel of games like Halo while this gem lies dormant?

Halfazedninja2844d ago

I loved Crimson Skies so much. It's funny, after I wrote article that's the game everyone asked if it was on there. Looks like Microsoft would have a hit on their hands if they remade it!

Venjense2844d ago

Id really just love to see a 60 FPS halo 1 and 2 1080p remake. I'd actually prefer that to Halo Aniversery.

BlackIceJoe2844d ago

Well I am all for a new Crimson Skies & Shadowrun. So I hope that they both will get another chance at life.