RipTen Review: Fruit Ninja Kinect (XBLA)

RipTen - If we were ever to be invaded by fruit and the only way to save the planet was to stand in front of our TVs flailing our hands about, I can attest to the notion that the fruit would win. Not because the fruit is overly powerful, nor because my hands do not flail fast enough. No, it is because the fruit will still be flying long after I’ve grown bored of it, and I’ll be too busy thinking about the 10 bucks I just wasted to fight back. Also, porn.

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xPhearR3dx2845d ago

This game isn't even worth close to $10.

Shaunass2845d ago

"Also porn"... all lies. Everyone report this shit! I even suspected from the name RIPten... not one is ripped and there is certainly not ten of them!

BlackjackCF2845d ago

Awesome review. For anyone who is just browsing the comments, I highly recommend you read through this just because this review is hilarious.

Anyhoo, Fruit Ninja Kinect just tells me to continue avoiding the Kinect like the plague.

TheDCD2845d ago

Meh, how about reviewing a game AFTER you play it? :D

D-Yoshii2845d ago

Certainly made me rethink my purchase of it. A game like this really requires precision. Wonder if there's a way to properly stress test that...

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