Exclusive LEGO Batman First Teaser Trailer

You want a piece of him? Get in line! Check out the very first teaser trailer.

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MK_Red4000d ago

If they can make these LEGO series as fun and hilarious as LEGO Star Wars then we're in for a treat :)

RadientFlux4000d ago

I second that... nothing like a well designed platform game.

christopher64534000d ago

We have to wait until September (Fall) for this? I guess video game teasers are acting more and more like movie teasers-coming out 8-10 months before the actual game gets released.

Chriswsm4000d ago

So Lego Star Wars (latest version for PS3 out today) is great.

Lego Indiana Jones is due out Summer 08 (trailer within Starwars cantina looks good)

Lego Batman Autumn 08

Does anyone else think they might be milking this idea somewhat?

RunamukK4000d ago

Are these lego games any fun if your over 12?

MK_Red4000d ago

1.Yes, at least the Star Wars one is. It's pretty hilarious and rather fun.

2.Lol at disagree above. Again, someone disagreed with a question! Seriously, some people must be randomly clicking the disagree button.

Relientk774000d ago

wow thats cool i seriously did not kno they were making a batman lego game