Gamertag Radio: Fruit Ninja Kinect Review

Gamertag Radio writes: "It is normal to see a console game get adapted to a mobile device, but what about vice versa? Can a mobile game get the same treatment when coming to a console? Halfbrick takes that challenge and hits it out of the park. When you play Fruit Ninja Kinect it doesn’t feel like a mobile phone game. It feels like an experience designed solely for the Kinect. This is the way that Fruit Ninja should be played, the standard."

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chasedagreat2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

i call BS 5/5 lololololololololololololololl olololol

DiRtY2844d ago

This game proves how messed up the review system really is. What a range of scores...

nycredude2844d ago

Seems all the real big websites is review this as a game and giving it what it deserves 5-6 and all the little crap websites are giving it BS scores like this. Are you kidding me? LOL

This game is better than Uncharted 3, Mass Effect 2, Gears of War and Halo according to this score. What a joke.