The State of Blu-ray

Gizmodo on November 8 reveals the root of Blu-ray's problem: the format did not have a finished specification when devices went into production. Instead, there were two or three "profiles," outlined in the chart below. The article explains and clarifies the three BD profiles at length - including attributes and manufacturers for each profile.

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ENNO3996d ago

Im starting to get tired of all this "blu-ray is better!!!111!!" "no its not n00b"...just enjoy the format you have picked...they both look great! :)

highps33996d ago

Kind of funny.

Meanwhile theres another blu ray player sold. Another Ps3 sold. Good luck with that stand alone $99 POC.

redwingsrock3996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

the average consumer does not know that there are three different profiles and all they care about is that it can play the movie they wanna watch, and plus majority of the blu-ray players sold are ps3's and those get updated anyways with firmware updates

hitthegspot3996d ago (Edited 3996d ago )

So where and when is this "magical" sony ps3, blu-ray 1.1 update coming out? It seemed to not be included in the latest 2.0 update and according to sony support they don't know of any update for it. As far as all the poor consumers that spent $300+++ on a BR player "No update for you!" you don't have the necessary internal hardware. Way to treat your customers.

Hey Jackdoe,
Think before I speak? How about actions speak louder than the lies that are spoken to the media? I called Sony support. They don't know of any update. I wrote them an e-mail, 4 e-mails and finaly I got a reply. They do not have an update. It's kind of a large e-mail and I don't want to spam the N4G site. You can read it here. Post # 30

jackdoe3996d ago

hitthegspot, this profile 1.1 update was confirmed by various Sony and Fox executives. Jeez, at least think before you speak.

jackdoe3996d ago

A lot of early adopters get screwed out of profile 2.0 and 1.1 but thankfully, the PS3 can handle all of that.

aiphanes3996d ago

Everybody knows the PS3 is the best bluray player with over 6 million sold...HD-DVD can not even get near this amount of players on the $399 for everything...the 40 GB PS3 is a steal as a bluray get HDMI 1.3a, and 1080p and deep color and 24 get none of this on the $99 to $299 HD-DVD players...

1080p is important since all bluray and HD-DVD discs are recorded in 1080p. 1080p TVs are also not expensive anymore...look at the best buy black friday ad and you will see a HP 42 inch 1080p LCD for less than $1000!

hitthegspot3996d ago

Here is the link to the Sony update (if you haven't read it already)

There is no Blu-ray updates. If you read my link above you would see that Sony support does not share your views. So I'm not spending any money on a PS3 until I see a firmware update for the future specs of Blu-ray. I'm not holding my breath...

Karebear3996d ago

I took ALL of this into account before I bought my PS3 day one last year. I feel very secure in my 30 some odd blu-ray movies I've collected since then. 1080P and the firmware upgradeability of the PS3 see to that. Sure I lose out on some of the Microsoft only games, but you know what, I can deal with that. I get an all in one device that is the nervecenter of my home theater system.

Even IF HD-DVD were to "win out" in the end, Sony has been incredibly (some say anally) supportive of its more alternative formats. In the end I have the highest quality picture and uncompressed audio. The rest is fluff.

This whole argument seems to be turning into whose prick is longer contest instead of a forum for educated consumer discussion.

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